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Mcor brings full color 3D printing to 3MF Consortium – 3ders.org (blog)

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Mar 30, 2016 | By Kira
One year ago, just ahead of Build 2015, Microsoft’s Gavin Gear hinted that the software giant may be announcing a new 3D printing file format, that of course was soon revealed to be 3MF, a full-fidelity 3D printing file format managed by the 3MF Consortium.
Flash forward 12 months, and the 3MF Consortium, that comes with industry-leading names such as Shapeways, Autodesk, 3D Systems, Ultimanufacturer, GE Global Research and many additional, has slowly yet steadily gained momentum, continuing in its efforts to address the shortcomings of existing file formats and create a next-proof 3D printing assist process that works across a mix of applications, platforms, services and printing equipment.
Currently, at Microsoft Build 2016, yet another industry innovator has revealed its entrance to the clan: Mcor, manufacturers of the world’s initially full color, paper-based PC 3D printing device, the Mcor ARKe.

Mcor Orange, the company’s not long ago launched software, can now assist the 3MF file format, allowing full color digital data (including the mesh, textures, materials, colors and print ticket) to be exported to the Mcor ARKe—producing it the just version for Microsoft createers looking to create and 3D print full color objects.
“We are in this business to expand the possibilities of 3D printing and manufacture it accessible to at any timeyone, so we couldn’t be additional excited of our new assist for 3MF through Mcor Orange Software,” said Conor McCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor. “Without a doubt, this is massive news for the entire 3D create and printing industry, and can have positive implications moving forward.”

“The ARKe’s new software, Mcor Orange, is a excellent way to illustrate a few of the key values and benefits of the 3MF format,” said Adrian Lannin, Group Program Manager, Microsoft. “By via 3MF, it’s much simpler for 3D applications to define and print with full-fidelity color information. Innovative 3D tools such as Mcor ARKe and Mcor Orange are adopting 3MF for the reason it assists them to provide achieve, working solutions.”
The ARKe is part of Mcor’s dedicated line of PC 3D printing equipment that provide cost-effective, eco-friendly and safe 3D printing solutions for the educational market. Unlike traditional consumer 3D printing equipment, that melt and extrude plastic filaments, the ARKe uses standard office paper, producing it an low-cost, non-toxic and one-of-a-kind product on the market.
Mcor’s Orange software, in addition launched in early 2016 and createed to manufacture 3D printing as accessible as possible, is a user friendly, MAC and PC-compatible tool.

Microsoft Build is a annual event that brings MFST createers together to reveal and admire the company’s next software plans, and it is already bringing place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco of March 30 to April 1. The Mcor ARKe and Mcor Orange software can be the just 3D printing innovation on display at the event, right alongside a few of the the latest and many amazing tools and technologies that are allowing businesses, industries, createers and createers be their many creative and productive at any time.

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