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Wanna see a thing terrifying? Here’s a photo of children whose eyes have been replaced by Happy Meal boxes. Agghhh!

mcdonald's VR happy goggles

Ok, so which is not entirely accurate, but their eyes have been… virtually replaced with Happy Meal boxes? These Happy Goggles are the latest treat to of McDonald’s Sweden, who can be building 3,500 of them on the market at 14 restaurants across the country over the weekends of March 5 and March 12 for a price of $4.10. Kids can only tear their Happy Meal boxes along the perforated lines, fold them, and insert the included VR lenses to start VR-ing. Play a game involving greasy swift food for immersive smells.

These Mickey D-branded Google Cardboard headsets are being hustleed out only in time for the Swedish holiday of Sportlov, in which Swedish families take to the slopes for the love of sport. Along with the headsets, McDonald’s has released a skiing VR experience called “Slope Stars”, which can be utilized with any mobile VR headset and can in addition be played without VR altogether. The hustle is tied to the Swedish “Sportlov” recreational holiday, during which most families go skiing. With this in mind, McD’s made a ski-themed VR game, “Slope Stars,” for use with the oggles (though they work only as well with any mobile VR experience). The game can in addition be played in a less immersive style without them.

happy goggles VR mcdonalds

The concept was created by DDB Stockholm, while North Kingdom Stockholm created the game itself. Jeff Jackett, marketing director at McDonald’s Sweden, explains what he perceives as the value of the initiative to AdWeek, “Parents can learn additional of their children’s knowledge and experience of the digital world. And purposeful gaming can in addition be a excellent joint activity which helps families interact on equal terms.”

Child psychologists Karl Eder and Fadi Lahdo have, according to the swift food giant, “evaluated Happy Goggles and in addition presented a recommendation on how they should be utilized” and determined which “the gaming can be a great joint activity which makes it simpler to hang out.” If the campaign does well, you can see kids of the world shoving their faces into their Happy Meals for additional than only the fries.

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