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MBot3D Releases New Grid II+3D Printer in 2016, Along with New Year’s Sales

by • January 8, 2016 • No Comments

3D printing has become additional and additional approachable as additional and additional manufacturers are marching into this field. We can feel the vigour of 3D printing industry by the overwhelming news and dramantic increase of 3D printer exhibitors at CES.

“While many FDM desktop 3D printers look all much like with 0.1mm printing resolution, not fast printing speed, and print plastic filament. manufacturers are attempting to stand out by lauching new models with charming appearance design and ingenuity over details,” notes the team at MBot3D. “Which is attractive, but still does no favors for advantageous printing quality. So, MBot3D don’t plan to change much on the machine appearance for now, and we may rather input all our passion and resource onto the functional core parts and software MPrint.”

mbot3d 1With a pragmatic vision, MBot3D printer team has improved their hot seller MBot Grid II+ 3D printer and start to contribute the new version at the startning of 2016. The improvements mainly focus on two aspects: Printing Head and Printing Plate.

When it comes to choosing an user-friendly printing plate, people usually fall into a dilemma between a removable printing plate and an easy leveling printing plate. Considering this, MBot3D printer adopted a stable three-induction tripod and a removable magnetic printing plate, that makes prints easy to remove, meanwhile keeps leveling easy with clear instruction controlled by the three-point mechanical induction.

And with the latest improvement, leveling is not necessary any additional for MBot Grid II+ SH 3D printer. The smart compensation process allows for automatic compensation of height difference and tilt angle by adjusting Z-axis moving when printing. Thus, extruded filament can be spread onto the printing plate really great and tightly layer by layer. In this way, print is less most likely to warp, and draft can be simpler to remove.

Upgrade in addition includes adding a BuildTak surface, a thin, durable, and heat-resistant plastic sheet that ensures prints of ranges of material stick to the print bed safely, while allowing for a clean, easy removal of completed builds.

mbot3d 2As per the printing head, the MBot 3D team developed a special shaped nozzle working with Dual cooling fan. The effective cooling process can guarantee the PLA extrusion stability and extend motor lifetime.

mbot3d 3Additionally, a filament sensor connecting with printing head is introduced to MBot Grid II+ SH 3D Printer. It can monitor the filament feed, pause printing and give alert when the printer is out of filament. As the failure cautilized by printing material is avoidable, the possibility of print failure is reduced.

Above all of the main parts’ improvement, MBot Grid II+ 3D printers in addition reinforced its anti-wear structure.

In the last upgrade, metal parts had been adopted to increase machine’s robustness and durability, reducing shipping risk and deformation. But still customers found the X-axis motor cable vulnerable since it moves a lot. To solve this problem, cable towline is introduced to preserve X-axis motor cable and limit switch cable, that can effectively avoid abrasion failure when cables move often on small-radius bends following the print head.mbot3d 4

“The upgrade raised the production cost, but we will still keep the price $1099USD. And to celebrate the release of new version in new year, we discount 201.6USD per MBot Grid II+3D printer,” explains the MBot3D team. “The discount code Grid2016 does not limit use time in 2016 January, just valid on our official website www.mbot3d.com.”

Have you utilized this machine? Let us understand your thoughts in the MBot Grid II 3D Printer forum on 3DPB.com.