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MatterHackers Release Massive MatterControl 1.5 Update

by • February 22, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_mattercontrol_matterhackers_logoSouthern California-based 3D printing products and donate retailer MatterHackers has just released a massive update to their talked of MatterControl 3D printing management software. The free, open source 3D print and slicing program has widely been seen as a extra
robust design of Cura or Slic3r or as an alternative to paid 3D printing software like Simplify3d. With their new MatterControl 1.5 update, MatterHackers has introduced a massive list of new showcases as well as several fixes to lingering bugs of the initially release. The 1.5 update has been in development for over four months, and is a response to their communities feedback of the software’s debut performance and functionality.

The red is standard assist and the yellow is the interface layers. The blue is the assist printed with an air gap for simpler removal.

The red is standard assist and the yellow is the interface layers. The blue is the assist printed with an air gap for simpler removal.

One of the key new showcases in MatterControl 1.5 is an all new, completely rewritten assist generation system. The new system has improved assist detection which optimizes the placement of assist structures and is capable of determining where the print in fact rests on a assist surface and is advantageous at determining what parts in fact require to be assisted. Not just does this reduce the amount of material requireed for assists, but it manufactures them much simpler to remove and can leave less marks on the print surface.

The new Support Percent showcase controls how much of every layer and which segments can obtain assist structures. MatterControl users can now set interface layers, which can provide the assists with extra
structure without in fact attaching any extra
or unnecessary material to the version itself. The update in addition allows for for air gaps, which store as much of the assist structure apart of the rest of the version as possible while enabling the layers to rad extra
actuallyly during the printing system. All of these new showcases can lead to smoother final parts and less failed prints due to inaccurate or insufficient assist structures.

One other new showcase is “Baby Stepping” or position tuning, which is primarily utilized by extra
experienced 3D printing equipment. But by adding the showcase directly to MatterControl, anyone can manufacture certain which their extruder position is perfectly modified so the initially layer can print perfectly. The showcase can work with any 3D printing firmware. The update can in addition contribute improved part merging so 3D versions can easily be introduced to a base, or two versions can be joined without any printing errors. MaterControl just detects where the 3D versions overlap and perfectly joins them all inside the slicer.

Improved part merging.

Improved part merging.

Whilst a few 3D printing equipment contribute the version to stop a print at any time, many versions of 3D printing equipment can not allow a print to be cancelled while the printing device is coming up to temperature and usually freezes the entire operation until the temperature has been reveryed. This can be a problem if users accidentally entered an incorrect printing temperature or if they wanted to tweak the printing device settings without the print starting and wasting filament. But MatterControl 1.5 now gives users the version to stop or cancel a print while the 3D printing device is yet heating up so users can manufacture changes to the printing settings or restart a print for whatever reason. Finally, the updated 3D printing software can in addition contribute users advantageous seam hiding during the printing system. This showcase works by selecting the optimal point to start 3D printing every layer so the startning and ending position can be hidden in a naturally existing seam or crack.

Take a appear at this brief video of MatterHackers Lars Brubaker explaining a few of the new showcases:

Here is a list of all the new showcases which can be introduced in the 1.5 update:

Set if we are going to retract when changing islandsMade it possible to have the initially perimeter have a various extrusion width to compensate for extra
accurate tiny holesAdded top infill speedAdd assist for closing MatterControl while printingPut in reporting of hardware errorsImproved the local search showcaseAdded visual indicator for http failuresMade it possible to render translucent extrusion pathsSupport drag and drop onto the settings widget can yet add to queueFixed the macro window to grow in yImplemented scroll wheel in the terminal widgetAdded user configurable library foldersFinished Braille 2 functionalityVelocity during rotation of 3d viewImproved MatterControl Touch printingImproved Android soft keyboard assistOnly system the many outside perimeter with spiral vaseFixed slicing to handle badly injure polygons

Here is a list of all the glitch and bug fixes included in the 1.5 update:

Now reporting bed and extruder heating say for Repetier firmwareYou can now type a partial entry to a count or mm field and not have it get messed up if you are slowMake certain we turn off all heaters when we shut downAbility to save to the queue on save asSuppress error reporting and abort on COM Access Denied errorsAMF save progress reportingFixed initially layer speed issueBetter thread safetyMade the leveling page simpler to use on MatterControl TouchMade message box simpler to use on MatterControl TouchAllow invalid image file formats to return a load failure pretty than throw an assertGroup objects move correctly on the bed when scaledMade it possible to edit the 3 point leveling positions actually after you have set up 7 or 13 point levelingMaking the save showcase always go through a separate file so which we don’t get collisions with files in useNo crashing on offensive zip filesFixed bug when opening and closing EEProm windowRestore Clear Cache functionalityLoading sizeable GCode file no longer pauses AndroidLoading repetier EEPROM settings no longer pauses Android

You can find out extra
of the MatterControl 1.5 update over on MatterHackers here, and you can download the MatterControl 1.5 update over on MatterControl.com. Thoughts on this update? Discuss in the MatterHackers Update Helps with 3D Supports forum over at 3DPB.com.