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MatterHackers & Enablingthefuture.org Launch Summer Design Challenge

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This summer, MatterHackers and Enablingthefuture.org can commence a of the world 3D printing turn it into challenge called Within Reach. The challenge is to turn it into new assistive tools for those with limited use of their hands, and can be accessed through www.matterhackers.com/WithinReach.

The Within Reach Design Challenge starts Monday, July 11th and ends September 6th.

To encourage participation of both pro turn it intoers as well as summer camps, classrooms, and manufacturerspaces, winners can be revealed in two categories: youth (under 18) and adults (18 and over.) Each category can have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners with prizes sponsored by Ultimanufacturer and MatterHackers. Pinshape can be hosting the challenge submissions, with judging by pro turn it intoers, participants of the e­NABLE community, and Brandy Leigh Scott, who has limited use of her hands.


The Drive Behind Within Reach

Hundreds of thousands of folks of the world are living without the full use of their hands, that include stroke victims, military veterans, arthritis sufferers, children affected by severe epilepsy, and others with debilitating conditions. Last year, MatterHackers turn it intoed a few comfortable tools to assist Brandy Leigh Scott, whose hands have been closing into fists since being diagnosed with a rare condition called Dupuytrens Contracture when she was seven years old. When Jen Owen of enablingthefuture.org saw the Brandy Story video MatterHackers had turn it intod revealing how impactful these tools have been to Brandy’s life, she was inspired to turn it into the Within Reach Challenge with MatterHackers, Ultimanufacturer, and Pinshape.


How To Enter

1. Design a tool that may manufacture life simpler for someone with limited use of their hands or fingers. Brandy is only an example of the hundreds of thousands of folks around the world without full use of their hands. You can turn it into a thing for Brandy, a friend, a Grandparent, your local barista, anyone who inspires you to assist. Try wrapping your own hands in tape or socks for a day and see what tasks you find complex.

How can you manufacture it advantageous?

2. Register for Pinshape and upload your turn it into files to the Within Reach Design Challenge (Youth or Adult) on pinshape.com/contests/inside­reach­turn it into­challenge.

3. Participate in the inspiring online conversation and create momentum for your turn it into all summer long by posting photos and video with hashtag #WithinReach3DP and by tagging @Pinshape@MatterHackers@EnableTheFuture or @Ultimanufacturer on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Grand Prize: Youth (Under 18): Ultimanufacturer 2 + 3D Printer MatterControl T10 3D Printer Controller Three Spools of MatterHackers PRO Series PLA

Grand Prize: Adult (18 and over): Ultimanufacturer 2 Extended + 3D Printer MatterControl T10 3D Printer Controller Three Spools of MatterHackers PRO Series PLA

Second Prize (one per category): Crafty 3D Printing Pen $100 MatterHackers Gift Card

Third Prize (one per category): $50 MatterHackers Gift Card

For additional information on the Within Reach Design Challenge, please visit www.matterhackers.com/insidereach

About MatterHackers

MatterHackers specializes in providing desktop 3D printing solutions, that include hardware, materials and accessories. They in addition create MatterControl 3D printing device control software, and MatterControl Touch, a WiFi­enabled touch screen controller that allows for 3D printing devices to operate without a laptop or desktop.


About Enablingthefuture.org

Widely known as the hub for information on the e­NABLE open­source assistive devices project, enablingthefuture.org is a blog written and maintained by Jen Owen, wife of original e­NABLE device co­turn it intoer, Ivan Owen. Since the release of the initially 3D printed hand turn it into in 2013, the e­NABLE community has grown to over 8,000 3D printing enthusiasts, educators, kids, and pro prototypers in 45 countries, and generated over 1800 custom devices for children and adults in require.


About Pinshape

Pinshape is one of the biggest and most rapidly expanding 3D printing communities and marketplaces for printable turn it intos. Pinshape manufactures it comfortable to find high­quality 3D turn it intos and fosters 3D printing education inside its community of 90,000+ users. Pinshape is a 500 Startups­backed company located in Vancouver, Canada and is now part of the Formlabs family.


About Ultimanufacturer

Ultimanufacturer’s vision has been to manufacture 3D printing accessible to all, that is why all their desktop printing devices are incredibly quiet, swift, accurate, reliable and comfortable to use. Ultimanufacturer was awarded “Best in Shootout” 2015 of Make: Magazine, and Editors’ Choice by Digital Trends and Best Consumer Product at the 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014.


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