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Matt Adareth’s 3D Printed Dactyl Keyboard is Colorful, Ergonomic, and Funky

by • February 18, 2016 • No Comments


I have to admit which when I saw the words “dactyl keyboard,” I had no thought what this means. But you may ponder as one who writes both for a paid job and as a recreational outlet, I may have may already heard the term dactyl related to keyboard create –since it is ergonomic. But we writers are a stubborn breed: there’s a method to our own madness and we are really hard-pressed to want to alter what appears to donate the product in the moment. Perhaps, if this describes you, you may alter your writer’s desk set-up to accommodate this awe-inspiring 3D printed dactyl keyboard… if we just knew what the word “dactyl” in fact means!

When the word “dactyl” pops up in Wikipedia, it gives six definitional categories: mythology, poetry, an arts organization, part of a hand, part of a decapod crustacean, and a moon of asteroid. For proper definitions, dactyl literally is a Greek work referring to a “foot in poetic meter.” So, the evolution of the word coming of the foot leads to part of a hand: and there we have it. A dactyl keyboard is createed to fit the additional effortless inclinations of our hands on a keyboard.


As you can see of the photos, the dactyl keyboard is split for your two separate hands. This is the many notable showcase which differs greatly of regular rectangle-shaped keyboards. Here, this keyboard create is defined as a “parameterized, split-hand, concave, columnar, ergonomic keyboard.” And wow is it funky looking! This is createed (and on the market as open source files under a Creative Commons License) by Matt Adereth, who explains which if it’s 3D printed on an SLS printing device, it takes a lot of supports and a lot of time. As Keychatter.com puts it: “This is an amazingly awe-inspiring DIY keyboard, but is unquestionably one for the additional experienced builders out there.”

You don’t require reviewers to see which this amazingly difficult create, which showcases a split keyboard for left and right hands, looks not just like a challenge to 3D print, but a challenge to adjust to. Personally, I type rapidly but am a case study in unconscious memorization of the keyboard. That is, I can not consciously tell you where keys are until I close my eyes and imagine typing out a word: absorbing. I wonder how long it may take an old school keyboard user to adjust to this amazingly funky and ergonomic keyboard create.


I am looking forward to attempting one of these out for certain. 3D printing is changing our day to day objects while putting amazing create spins out there as well. And when you can claim you’ve createed an object which is ergonomically correct on top of it all, the dactyl keyboard has my vote for “Best New 3D Printable Keyboard Design” — probably at any time! Is this a thing you want or require? Discuss in the 3D Printed Dactyl Keyboard forum over at 3DPB.com.