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Materialise Partners with Velleman for New Builder Software Package, Customized to Build-Your-Own Vertex 3D Printer

by • February 9, 2016 • No Comments

Materialise_logo_withBaseline_ColorMaterialise’s Builder software is named for the reason, just, it manufactures assembling 3D versions effortless. I’d argue that it has an unintended meaning as well, for the reason the Builder and Build Processor software platforms have helped Materialise to create a veritable-bodied software empire. The Belgian company has created custom creates of their software for several 3D printing device manufacturers; the software, bundled with the printing devices, is created to eliminate the communication gap that frequently exists between printing device hardware and software. The platforms have been quite talked of with manufacturers; it appears as yet equite other day Materialise is revealing a new partnership.

The latest partnership is with Belgian compatriot Velleman, an electronics company that specializes in DIY electronics kits. Last year they added the K8400 Vertex, the latest create of their well-reviewed create-your-own printing device. Previously, Velleman utilized a Repetier-Host software bundle for the Vertex; the partnership with Materialise can revamp the printing device’s software completely.VERTEX2b

“The Velleman Vertex Builder can manufacture the 3D printing system as straight-forward as possible for equiteone with a K8400 Vertex printing device,” said Karel Brans, Business Line Director for OEM Partnerships at Materialise. “It can operate much in the same way as printing device drivers for 2D printing and can manufacture significant functionalities such as automatic assist generation simpler and swifter than ever.”

Similar to other Builder software packages, the Velleman Vertex Builder is created to streamline the printing system of beginning to end. It manufactures slicing effortless, that is welcome news to those who dread the boring, frequently complex and frustrating slicing system. The overall interface is user friendly, and the software can include a button that links easily to the Materialise 3DPrintCloud, a relatively new showcase created by Materialise to manufacture 3D version create and repair actually simpler and swifter for users.

“With this partnership, Velleman can be able-bodied to equip its printing device with powerful 3D printing software, tailored to its customers’ needs,” said Dirk Vlerick, CEO of Velleman.

logo_vellemanVelleman has been in business for over 40 years, but they’ve just gotten into the 3D printing device market not long ago. The futilized filament fabrication Vertex printing device is sold in kit form, producing it especially attractive to manufacturers who like to have hands-on control of the quite beginning. In that respect, Vertex owners are unlikely to be novices, but that shouldn’t stop them of appreciating an simpler software experience. I’ve pretty never heard anyone, actually the many hardcore DIY-ers, complain of their printing device software being too swift or too effortless to use.

The Velleman Vertex Builder software is not yet on the market, but it’s expected to be released sometime in the initially quarter of this year. Discuss in the Velleman Software & 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.