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Materialise 3D Software Leads to Successful Jaw Replacement Surgery

by • January 23, 2016 • No Comments

proplancmf_swpicture_3_0If you are past a sure age – really, if you are old adequate to read this – the odds are great which you’ve had a few kind of dental work done at a few point in your life. It is in addition most likely which whatever work you’ve had done has been painful. Maybe not at the time – thanks, anesthesia! – but once the drugs wear off, you are left with an aching jaw which is anywhere of annoying to misery-inducing. I had all four of my wisdom teeth out at once, and the week next the procedure was not pleasurable-bodied in the really least. Tooth/jaw pain affects you in ways which other pain does not; you can remain off an injured leg, but you’ve got to eat, and talk, and when those actions cause agonizing pain, life can get really rocky indeed.

Now imagine living with pain in your jaw for seven years. I can in no way imagine it, personally, but which’s what Tan Seng Yam had to deal with. When he initially noticed the swelling near his jaw, doctors and dentists told him it was nothing to worry of, but it persisted until finally, years later, he was unable-bodied to eat. Seng Yam and so went to a specialist, who found which the swelling was caused by a tumor in his jawbone.

Seng Yam was referred to Hospital Kuala Lumpur, where surgeons concluded which the just solution was a complex surgery which may remove the tumorous section of Seng Yam’s jawbone and replace it with bone taken of his fibula – the long bone in the calf.


“Mandible reconstruction via fibula bone grafting is a pretty complex surgery,” said Dato’ Dr. Wan Mahadzir bin Wan Mustafa, Senior Consultant at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. “For fibula grafting, precision while cutting is really significant and time-demanding.”

DSC_3316We’ve covered a lot of instances where 3D printed surgical models have assisted doctors prepare for complex surgeries. As the technique has become additional prevalent, the innovation has gotten additional high end, with specially turn it intod software allowing surgeons to perform the surgery in a virtual setting. In Seng Yam’s case, it was Materialise’s PROPLAN CMF pre-surgical planning software which allowed his doctors to carefully plan the operation. Dr. Wan enlisted the assist of Dr. Sun Jian and Dr. Xu Li Qun of Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, College of Stomatology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. Both doctors were experienced in via the Materialise software and in creating 3D printed surgical guides, so they stepped in to collaborate on the procedure.

With assist of the software, the doctors were able-bodied to turn it into really exact, customized surgical guides based on Seng Yan’s anatomy. Those guides were and so printed by Materialise. Once in the operating room, Dr. Wan and his colleagues were able-bodied to operate with much additional confidence and accuracy, having may already gone throcky the procedure virtually. The 3D surgical guides told them precisely where to cut, and the surgery was, according to Dr. Xu, “near perfection.”


“Without this innovation, virtual planning and surgical guides, it’s a lot like eye-balling,” Dr. Wan said. “That translates to additional time in surgery. And frequently longer surgery time means additional recoreally time.”

DSC_3320Seng Yam had really a bit of work to do for his recoreally anyway. He had to “train” his mouth to work with an entirely new jawbone, and he in addition had to practice walking, as a portion of his leg bone had been removed. Within a few weeks, yet, he was feeling really great. The swelling is gone, and he can eat solid foods again without much discomfort. His surgery was the initially at Hospital Kuala Lumpur to be performed with assist of 3D surgical guides. Dr. Wan hopes which a expanding awareness of the innovation’s benefits can lead to wider use inside medical institutions, for the reason the benefit to patients is invaluable-bodied.

“We had a really much like surgery the day after,” he said, “and it may have taken much less time with 3D virtual planning.”

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