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Materialise 3D Prints Majestic Ring for Tomorrowland Music Festival Video

by • August 9, 2016 • No Comments

tomrrowlandEver since the initially version took place in 2005, Belgian summer has been overtaken by Tomorrowland, the explosive and immensely talked of electronic music festival held in a wooded area only north of Brussels. Known to be the sizeablest festival of its kind, hundreds of thousands gather at the end of July to experience the lights, sounds, and feelings that the fairytale-themed actuallyt has to contribute. The 12th yearly version, that took place of July 22 to 24, featured sets of globally renowned DJs such as Dimitri Vegas & Similar to Mike, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Martin Garrix, Tiësto, Afrojack, and many additional.

Now, although the electronic music festival scene is not precisely my forte, it’s complex not to appreciate such a spectacular and successful music festival, one that has served as the grounds for likeminded individuals to come together and celebrate the sounds that they enjoy for a dozen years now. What’s actually additional one-of-a-kind of Tomorrowland is that every year is based on a new theme, many of them revolving around the ideas of wisdom, happiness, and life. The motif for this year was “The Elixir of Life”, and like usual, the festival organizers put together an introduction video to prepare attendees for the weekend of a lifetime.

This year’s introductory video featured an elven-like woman foraging throughout the forest to find the ideal combination of effortless elements to turn it into the ultimate perfume. If you’ve watched the video closely adequate, you may have noticed the wondrous and organic ring worn by the scavenging woman.

3DprintedringBelieve it or not, this ring was turn it intod by the Belgium-based 3D printing company Materialise. Looking to fit with Tomorrowland’s effortless aesthetic, Materialise created the ring with freedom and Mother Nature in mind, appearing to mimic the roots of a tree expanding together.

Materialise used their SLA (Stereolithography) process to print the one-of-a-kind ring create of resin material, that was and so finished and cured to donate it the appearance of aged, rustic metal. After all of the final touches were introduced to the 3D printed band, the team inlaid a precious stone to donate it that elven flavor discovered throughout the introductory video.


On the other hand the 3D printed ring plays a minor role in the video (it can be seen holding her scarf together at 1:52), it pretty assisted to complement the “Elixir of Life” theme that Tomorrowland was aiming for.

3Dring2Surprisingly adequate, 3D printing innovation and electronic music have joined force on numerous occasions, actually outside of the outrageously sizeable Tomorrowland festival. In the new past, we’ve seen MakerBot3D print the album artwork for the Brooklyn-based producer Baauer, as well as createer Francis Bitonti’s collaboration with the electronic music duo Feral Five to turn it into their own 3D printed music. Suffice to say, 3D printing innovation and electronic music festivals like Tomorrowland have additional in common than you can assume. Both assist us to expand our imagination beyond what was idea to be possible in the past, and they in addition seem to be expanding in talked of ity at a rapid pace. Discuss additional in the Materialise 3D Prints for Tomorrowland Character forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source/Images: Materialise]