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Mastering 3D printing : Why Orientation of Parts Matters

by • April 26, 2016 • No Comments

Shapeways is committed to building this system
effortless, but we in addition
want to manufacture certain
you get you have control over high end. Last week we launched a new showcase to assist with this: the faculty to set 3D printing orientation for SLS materials.

Orientation Fail

orientation fail, this stepping may be avoided by laying the phone case flat in the printing device

But why does this matter? How the file is created up in the printing device can affect the dimensional accuracy and legibility of details of any given part. Parts printed in the Z axis, or “up” dimension tend to be slightly less accurate in the X and Y. That said, parts angled sideways may show less stepping depending on the geometry. Check out the video at a lower place to learn additional.

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