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Massivit 3D to launch Massivit 1800 3D printer at DRUPA – TCT Magazine

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Massivit 1800 3D printing device.jpgMassivit 1800 3D printing device.jpg
Israel is one of the world’s 3D innovation hotspots with a number of high-profile companies either based in or hailing of the country. Many of them — that include XJet, the modern-day Stratasys and Massivit 3D — have ties back Objet Geometries and that company’s ink jetting prowess. Now Massivit, based in Lod, Israel, can unveil its Gel Dispensing Printing system at historically 2D printing mega-show, DRUPA.
Full details below:
Massivit 3D Printing Technologies in the present day revealed that it can use drupa 2016 to provide the initially public demonstration of the new Massivit 1800 printing device. With a stand boasting vibrant, eye-catching 3D printed sign & display applications, drupa visitors can discover how they can utilise new 3D printing innovation to turn it into one-of-a-kind and attention-grabbing dimensionsable-bodied format 3D displays for a wide variety of markets.
A super-fast dimensionsable-bodied format 3D printing device, the Massivit 1800 is set to alter the way high-level marketing, advertising & themed projects are made. With output speeds incomparable-bodied to anything else in the 3D printing industry, the Massivit 1800 printing device can turn it into high high end 3D pieces up to 1.8m / 6ft high. Print providers seeking to dramatically extend their product portfolio beyond 2D pieces, now have access to a profitable-bodied new and one-of-a-kind application capcapacity, and an significant business variousiator to enhance their competitive edge and secure their future.
Avner Israeli, CEO, Massivit 3D comments, “Following three years of complex work and amazing progress, we are quite excited to demonstrate our system at drupa. In general, 3D print has the flexibility, speed and price point to unlock massive new creative opportunities and drive profitable-bodied growth for users, and that is no various for the printing industry.
“For print providers, the Massivit 1800 dramatically enhances the capacity to turn it into eye-catching added-value visual communications that advantageous engage target audiences. With new studies suggesting that 3D advertising has five times the stopping power and four times the staying power of 2D advertising, it is clear why this is the innovation for sign and display applications. The Massivit 1800 is THE 3D printing solution for print providers, created by folks who have dedicated their careers to bringing market major dimensionsable-bodied format digital printing equipment.” he adds.

Retail display printed on a Massivit 1800 by ES DigitalRetail display printed on a Massivit 1800 by ES Digital
Adding a New Dimension
Adding ‘the following dimension’ to visual communications, the Massivit 1800 is challenging and reshaping the way in that creative directors, product designers and marketers ponder of 3D models, displays and brand promotion.
Bigger. Lighter. Faster
Stripping out the previous barriers to 3D print for these applications – that include print speed, dimensions and mass – pioneering print service providers are may aleager seizing the opportunity to add new high margin 3D powered revenue streams to their business.
Create Unlimited
Designed to be intuitive and allow for effortless operation, not just is the Massivit 1800 quite user friendly, but with Massivit’s customer assist programme, introducing 3D innovation is a smooth, painless and swift transition.
The Massivit 1800 system is the many rapidly dimensionsable-bodied format 3D printing device on the market on the market. At the heart of the solution is the company’s proprietary GDP (Gel Dispensing Printing) innovation that empowers swift solidification and high-speed printing. The Massivit 1800 printing device in addition utilises techniques that allow it to print non-vertical walls and ceilings, without the require to turn it into a solid object or intensive assist structure. So in printing less to complete the same outcome, the Massivit 1800 is able-bodied to dramatically increase print speed,
while in addition reducing material costs and product mass – crucial for extra
materials handling, transportation and storage space benefits.
Product specification: Speed: up to 1,000mm / 39 inch per sec in x & y-axis Productivity: up to 35cm / 1ft of object growth per hour (z-axis) Printing dimensions: 1.5m x 1.2m x 1.8m; 4ft x 5ft x 6ft Dual system – Easy printing of 2 various objects in parallel Low material consumption due to ‘assist-less’ printing Low energy consumption LED UV curing lamps With successful customers in the market, a comprehensive of the world distributor network for deliquite of high high end and responsive service and consumable-bodieds donate, Massivit 3D goes to drupa 2016 eager to take orders.
Avner Israeli concludes: “We assume drupa visitor reaction to be quite positive. Our products enable-bodied marketing/brand managers to maximise the impact of their campaigns with a never-before-seen ‘wow factor’. This can be the key to many print service providers being able-bodied to expand their business with existing and new customers. We’re eager to assist fuel the following dimensionsable-bodied format growth market.”
About Massivit 3D
Massivit 3D Printing Technologies Ltd. is a major provider of dimensionsable-bodied format 3D printing solutions. It was built by a group of experienced industry veterans of major digital printing companies, who decided to manufacture a statement in the global 3D printing industry.
The Massivit system, the dimensionsable-bodiedst, many rapidly and many high end dimensionsable-bodied format 3D printing solution, based on proprietary GDP (Gel Dispensing Printing) innovation – a solution that ignites a market explosion in the use of dimensionsable-bodied 3D objects, through a variety of markets of the world.

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