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Mass Layoffs at Intel Reveal the Unfortunate Side Effects of Frontier Technology

by • April 26, 2016 • No Comments

intel logoThere’s little question that the current technological revolution is a positive thing, to say the quite least. 3D printing, robotics, virtual reality and the Internet of Things are improving lives, saving lives, and creating jobs, with seemingly no limit in sight. As with each excellent thing, yet, there are downsides, as 12,000 Intel employees learned last week when the multinational corporation revealed that weight layoffs may be implemented at the end of May. It is not that Intel is suffering, but as so many long-successful companies are discovering, they require to act swift to prevent becoming obsolete.

To that end, Intel has been doing excellent. Their RealSense innovation has been explosive, revolutionizing eachthing of smartphones to gaming, while their amazing Curie module has been utilized to turn it into eachthing of mood-sensing clothing to virtually pyrotechnic theatrical performances. Intel is as much on the technological cutting edge as anyone, but that means turning away of what utilized to be their bedrock – the quite own desktop. The global market for PCs is continuing to drop, so Intel CEO Brian Krzanich smartly planned ahead a couple of years ago when he began turning the company towards new tech like data centers, the Internet of Things and 3D innovation.

Restructuring, unfortunately, just of always means worthwhile layoffs as tremendouss in older technologies – in Intel’s case, PC tremendouss – suddenly find themselves without relevant work. The boom in new innovation throws open doors for many new graduates and young tremendouss, that is quite welcome after the economic downturn that left so many college grads without anywhere to go. The job losses are less talked of, but they’re a worthwhile side effect of technological revolution.

Anarghya Vardhana

Anarghya Vardhana

At the new TechFestNW in Portland, Oregon, the Intel layoffs were on the minds of many, as 784 of the jobs being cut were located in Oregon. Portland native Anarghya Vardhana of venture capital firm Maveron, who spoke at the conference, foresees a lot additional restructuring for primary technological corporations in the next, for advantageous or worse.

“As an investor, when I ponder of the ecosystem and startup emerging in the sphere, I ponder we can see structural changes at these companies,” Vardhana said. “Companies are restructuring to be at the cutting edge of what consumers are requireing and wanting.”

Vardhana is an tremendous on “frontier innovation,” so it’s apt that she served as a judge at the new Frontier Tech Startup Showdown at Inside 3D Printing New York, as well as at the Inside 3D Printing Startup Competition in Santa Clara a few months prior to that. Her career is focutilized on finding and investing in the newest and brightest stars in consumer innovation, so she has an within appear at that way the next of business is going. Some of those startups may turn into the giants of the next, so today’s giants require to remain one step ahead.

Several of those primary corporations have may already taken the initiative to hustle frontier innovation, such as Google with Google Cardboard and Apple with their eventual (maybe?) 3D printing device. Layoffs are undoubtedly forthcoming – and in many cases, may already taking place – as additional and additional companies find themselves having to appear in new ways. Speaking of Apple, it appears as yet iPhone production is on the decline – additional evidence that companies’ defining products won’t be what sustains them into the next.

The small Intel Curie is hugely disruptive.

The small Intel Curie is hugely disruptive.

Yes, restructuring means job loss, but if a company folds due to its becoming obsolete, that means a lot additional job loss. Even the largest and many successful companies aren’t indestructible, and they may be unseated by new startups and upstarts additional rapidly than they assume. So as complex as it is to see so many jobs erased in an swift, Intel ultimately has the right thought – they’re doing eachthing they require to do to survive in the new frontier. Discuss in the Intel Layoffs forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Portland Business Journal]