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Markforged launches 2X stronger high-temperature 3D printing fiberglass – 3ders.org (blog)

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Mar 18, 2016 | By Kira
Markforged, maker of the world’s initially carbon fiber 3D printing device and champion of industrial-durablity computer desktop 3D printing, has just announced its newest 3D printing material, a high-durablity high-temperature (HSHT) fiberglass that is twice as sturdy as Markforged’s standard fiberglass material and created specifically for high-heat environments such as aerospace and car making.

The Mark One and not long ago announced, 40% faster Mark Two 3D printing device are the just 3D printing systems in the world capable of instantly reinforcing engineering plastics to aluminum levels of performance and beyond, right on your computer desktop. According to the company, Markforged enables engineers by combining “the dependability of CNC parts with the flexibility of 3D printing.”
Markforged’s patented 3D printing innovation relies on two print heads: one to create nylon parts, and the other to continuously reinforce those parts with incredibly sturdy materials that include carbon fiber, fiberglass, and in fact Kevlar, resulting in cost-efficient 3D printed prototypes, fixtures, and in fact end-use parts that can in fact displace machine-milled components.
With its newest 3D printing material, HSHT Fiberglass, Markforged takes industrial-durablity computer desktop 3D printing in fact additional. Whereas their standard Fiberglass material is 40% as yet as carbon fiber and well-suited to day to day applications that need sturdy parts, HSHT Fiberglass is as much as two times sturdyer, and has a 30% higher heat deflection point of 140°C, meaning it can endure environments over 105°C.
According to the company, these high-temperature and high-durablity properties can allow customers in the aerospace and car industries to leverage Mark Two parts for use in ‘under hood’ applications, while yet providing the advantage of same-day, computer desktop-made parts. Given that it was uniquely created for high-temperature environments, the HSHT Fiberglass is already just on the market with the Mark Two Enterprise Kit, that sells for $13,499 and showcases an extra print bed, and three sets of nozzles. 100 cm3 of HSHT Fiberglass can be included with purchase.

In addition to unveiling the Mark Two 3D printing device at SolidWorks World 2016 in early February, Markforged reported a 400% rin factue growth in 2015. Moving forward, the company plans to unveil in fact additional ultra-sturdy 3D printed plastics for 3D printing cost-effective industrial-durablity parts that solve real-world problems.
“2016 is the year of materials at Markforged,” said CEO Greg Mark. “Throughout the year you will see the release of sturdyer, additional high end materials that expand the range of parts that can be 3D printed.”

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