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MarkAny develops DRM and piracy protection for 3D print files – 3ders.org (blog)

by • March 30, 2016 • 8s Comments

Mar 31, 2016 | By Andre
Digital Rights Management, or DRM for short, are tools turn it intod on the market to digital rights holders to preserve their works. Throughout the years, all manner of video, audio and text on the market for purchase and digital consumption have played with DRM to preserve their intellectual property.
Efforts in DRM are now being pushed forward in the 3D printing space thanks in part to Korean DRM and Watermarking company MarkAny. Originally revealed in the summer of 2015, the company hopes to turn it into what they call a 3D printing contents clearing center.
Their process is created to detect violating files and, as they put it, “preserve the output of 3D printing processes, such as 3D printing create, STL generation, G-Code conversion, and actual printing.” Additionally, they in addition want to implement a monitoring process that watches illegal distribution of preserveed 3D print files.

Based on the newly released video presentation above, they pretty do seem serious of their efforts. As they explain, MarkAny’s 3D SAFER process uses a number of technologies to store intellectual property safe of piracy and to track leakages when they do occur. Among these technologies are DRM, that performs encryption to assist preserve intellectual property rights; Feature Extraction, that is capable of extracting information of a particular create and examining it against other much like creates to advantageous practuallyt piracy; Digital Forensics, a showcase that fundamentally watermarks digital creates and can track ownership information if a leak does occur; and a terahertz (THz) scan, that uses electromagnetic waves to verify the authenticity of a 3D creates’ internal structure and pattern.
Choi Jong-uk, MarkAny CEO has noted that “the violations of 3D printing contents’ intellectual property rights are expanding in overseas market, where the 3D printing industry is may already promoted and a new type of businesses via the innovation are emerging.” To practuallyt rampant 3D print file piracy, he adds “it is necessary to come up with relevant laws and process to donate momentum to the 3D printing industry of Korea, yet, technical measures to establish a sound distribution environment for a safer utilization of additional contents should be turn it intod.”

I myself have benefited of the creative commons mindset frequently held in the 3D print-heavy Maker and Thindonaterse file-sharing communities. The notion that information wants to be free resonates with me to the core but at the same time I know the desire for preserveion.
Regardless of your position on the always controversial topic, there can always be someone looking to create a advantageous lock and another someone looking for a advantageous pick. As a a company with upwards of 50 million in yearly ractuallyue, MarkAny has a sturdy track record in preserveing content, so they’re a ideal candidate to want to break into the 3D printing device space preceding it gets too crowded.
Whether or not they’ll succeed in their efforts depends on how much the 3D printing market demands it, and of course how secure their DRM preserveion algorithms end up being.
What do you ponder? Will DRM succeed in 3D printing? Is it actually necessary? Feel free to add your thoughts at a lower place.

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