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Many STEM Classrooms 3D Printing e-NABLE Prosthetics, SC Middle Schoolers Launch HandChallenge

by • February 6, 2016 • No Comments

csO2ZqJdFounded just a few years ago, e-NABLE is an organization which has made many layers to their excellentwill efforts around the world via 3D create and 3D printing to assist those in require of replacement hands and arms. Growing of just 100 volunteers to around 7,000 now, they are the really embodiment of via innovation to alter the world for excellent.

Volunteers are empowered to take on projects with guidance of e-NABLE, providing 3D printed prosthetics to people, many of them children, around the world. The outcomeing inspiration and emotions which are experienced for all involved certainly go beyond words as people’s lives are alterd—and many never expected to have a replacement limb at all, much less one which may be so multi-functional—of the Raptor to the Ody to the Osprey hand.

To see a difference being made in a child’s life is incredible—and along with which, seeing other children manufacture the difference for them pretty gives us a rad glimpse of humanity at its most, a thing we all crave additional of. Students have been involved with e-NABLE for a few time now as additional and additional schools are creating 3D printing labs inside their libraries, media centers and classrooms. Once they move beyond the really basics of manufacturing easy 3D models, numerous classes have worked together as groups to take the leap into fabricating prosthetics of e-NABLE creates.

7366854We’ve followed countless stories now of students doing so not long ago in places like the US, Canada, in fact Aruba–and far additional. These projects can indeed be mastered by really young students, creating devices and seeing them delivered to children who may not afford limb replacements otherwise, and pretty may not have the customization or multi-functionality contributeed by the e-NABLE creates.

Along with providing the ultimate excellentwill to others who are frequently their own age, these students are now in addition receiving the valuable skillsets which come of STEM (science, innovation, education, and math) education—and creating a prosthetic pretty puts all of those disciplines into play. In the past year, numerous classrooms, focvia on a STEM curriculum, have may already made the e-NABLE creates a central part of their project list.

We focused on one special school in particular last year where middle schoolers in South Carolina became really swept away with the 3D printing of prosthetics, at initially being paired with another young student in require, and and so going on to hold a Hand-A-Thon with 85 other students participating, and 20 prosthetic hands being made. Dubbed ‘Project Kids,’ the students at Crossroads Intermediate School in fact won the 2015 Belk Service Learning Prize and an $8,000 check of Belk, Discoreally Education and the International Society for Technology in Education. This is a ideal example of how through STEM learning, students grasped how fulfilling education can be, coupled with assisting others.

“So frequently we have the tendency in our society to almany be derisive towards kids – you understand – ‘kids these days,’” said their teacher, Dr. Craft. “But the reality is, when presented with the opportunity to do a thing positive for others, kids – especially girls – perfectly
latch on to it.”

“They gave up recess time, they’ve [worked] after school, they’ve been perfectly
awesome. They’re via their hearts and passion to do a thing excellent for this world,” he says.

Students and teachers at the Hand-A-Thon in factt sponsored by Discoreally Education and The Belk Service Learning Challenge in Columbia, S.C., Friday, May 29, 2015. (Photo/Bob Leverone)

Students and teachers at the Hand-A-Thon in factt sponsored by Discoreally Education and The Belk Service Learning Challenge in Columbia, S.C., Friday, May 29, 2015. [Image: Bob Leverone]

Now, with a new school year ensuing, these same students are not just continuing their project, but they have made their own program for teachers, students, and anyone with a 3D printing device.

“As the new school year dawned and a new group of students eagerly entered Introduction to S.T.E.M. class, the energy and desire to impact the world was palpable. As a outcome of unparalleled student passion, we launched Handchallenge.com, a site where we are challenging ereally school, manufacturerspace and man with a 3D printing device to print and assemble ONE 3D printed hand and send it to us,” states the Project Kids team—now up to 100 students in the South Carolina school.

Students and teachers react to being named the winners of The Belk Service Learning Challenge in Columbia, S.C., Friday, May 28, 2015. (Photo/Bob Leverone)

Students at Crossroads Intermediate School [Image: Bob Leverone]

They have in fact made a series (see below) of guide videos, ‘bite-sized and kid-friendly,’ for ereallyone to get a head begin in building their own 3D printed prosthetics:Build a Raptor Reloaded Hand Tutorial Set – EnglishBuild a Raptor Reloaded Hand Tutiroal Set – SpanishIntroduction To 3D Printing

“My students are learning which it’s not of ‘us.’ The most part of the project is not the increased S.T.E.M. engagement (which is perfectly
true) or the significant idea around the create and assembly of the hand (which is unquestionably evident), it’s which they are coming together to manufacture a fewone else’s life better,” says Dr. Craft.

“As I appear at the just about 30 accomplished e-NABLE hands sitting mere feet of my desk, I am reminded of the smiles, laughter and collaboration which made them possible. Kids realize their true future when they are working for the joy of others.”

These students are really occupied not just with launching their own challenge, but in addition in creating two new arms, along with preparing a set of instructional videos in Portuguese.

With HandChallenge, they are in addition contributeing their services to other students as mentors, and invite schools to contact them through the website for information and assistance. They in addition contribute guidance for schools in require of 3D printing devices.

In addition, be certain to check out the contest we’ve been next, not long ago launched by e-NABLE. The CREATE T.I.M.E. e-NABLE Design Challenge, contributeing a series of contests, invites ereallyone, many especially kids, to enter creates where they are ‘thinking outside the box.’ For the initially one they are asking members to create new attachments for the Python Utility Hand, a basic hand createed specifically so which utilitarian attachments may be easily connected. Entries are being accepted through March 31. Tell us your ideas on these new projects in the 3D Printing HandChallenge forum over at 3DPB.com.