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Man hopes 3D print keeps officers, drivers safe – Live 5 News

by • July 20, 2016 • No Comments

An Upstate man has a new idea he says can cut down on problems between drivers and law enforcement officers during traffic stops.
Marvin Stubbs of Spartanburg got the idea for the “Blue Light Butler” after Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer in Minnesota during a traffic stop in early July.
Stubbs was attempting to come up with a way to display your license and documents, while keeping your hands on the wheel.
“I was sitting there at work considering, ‘how may you get your documents to the officer without having to move your hands’?”
So he came up with an invention that fits over your window, and holds all the information in one place, without having to fumble around in a wallet or glove compartment. And he created the Blue Light Butler on his 3D printing device, for under $3.
“The ultimate hope is only to manufacture the officer’s day goes advantageous. Hopefully go by faster, less stress, less anxiety. In addition for the driver, only to manufacture it simpler for them to have their documents eager for the officer and they’re not lost in their glove compartment.”
Stubbs said he is already in the system of getting a patent created, and has only started to reach out to law enforcement officers and agencies, to get their input on his invention.
We spoke with Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright of this idea.
“If you do get the license holder, that I idea was a rather rad idea, please only manufacture certain you tell us what you are doing.”
The sheriff in addition said, the key is to remain calm and listen to the officer.
“We want you to manufacture certain that you put your hands wherever you want, but to put them where we can see them. This is definitely what we are trained to watch, you can’t injure us with your feet mostly.”
If you are interested in learning additional of the Blue Light Butler, you can email Marvin Stubbs at this address: craftypeaceful@gmail.com
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