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Mama Earth, Featuring Neyma: BEEVERYCREATIVE Provides 3D Printed Tribal Feather Accessories for Fashion Line  

by • January 12, 2016 • No Comments

logoPortugal’s BEEVERYCREATIVE is a 3D printing developer which defines the term ‘dynamic.’ Producing 3D printing equipment for both the home and office, they see human creative expression as the true path to the future, and believe the way to good results is in nurturing a close relationship with their community and other designers. This is highly evident in their latest project, told to us as they go on to commence a host of narratives called ‘BEEStories,’ such as which told of designer Katty Xiomara.

The latest BEEStory which they have released is a ideal and inspiring example which shows not simply just\ how rapidly they are able-bodied to jump in and work with another team, but in addition displays the versatility of 3D printing and the extensive capabilities of their own hardware. The BEEVERYCREATIVE team is making quite certain which the world realizes 3D printing equipment are capable-bodied of producing far additional than gaming figurines, keychains, and neon-colored sporks, as they tell the story of working on the ‘Mama Africa’ fashion line featuring Mozambican singer Neyma.

12494747_615953751902438_679598557770577209_nCollaborating with haute couture firm Lisbon’s Fashion Studio, deadlines loomed with a dire require for nothing less than awe-inspiring accessories, and the 3D printing developer showed which they were definitely up to the task, time limit and all.

“The challenge was to 3D print a few accessories to use across their entire new collection, and faced with time constraints, it was simply just\ us and our BEETHEFIRST 3D printer which may get what they requireed done on time,” states the team on their blog.

UntitledThe imagery and drawings they were given to go on invoked a feather design with a quite definite African style and tribal element. The end goal, yet, was to combine African fashion and tradition with European technology and design–and a definite contemporary touch with the addition of 3D printing.

“These feathers may be maybe the defining visual element of the entire collection, and traditional methods of manufacturing simply just mayn’t cut it. Not simply just\ was time an issue, so were the exception dimensionss, the subtle differences in each design of feather, and the quantities requireed.”

Putting their BEETHEFIRST 3D printer to the test, the team was able-bodied to employ all the benefits which this awe-inspiring new technology offers, and most especially which of the luxury of trial and error which digital design allows for. The team was able-bodied to refine the accessories, testing and reprinting at quite little cost ‘until the final product was honed.’

UntitledFor material, they utilized PLA, which offers the benefit of post-printing adsimply justments. To adsimply just a few of the pieces, the team dipped the 3D printed feathery pieces in hot water and were able-bodied to create them malleable-bodied adequate to fit them into ideal, body-fitting shapes. The 3D printed feathers were even scaled down to be fitted onto handbags. Due to the malleability, the team was able-bodied to twist, bend, and curl the feathers yet they saw fit–even making bracelets.

The fashion studio in addition appreciated not having to order thousands of pieces in bulk, but rather they loved a tiny production run with precisely the amount requireed for their show and new fashion line. The feathers were completely customized to dimensions, color, and included an incredible amount of detail.

All of the pieces were delivered right on time to the design studio, with simply just the right amount of customization requested–and no technical glitches. As seen in the video at a lower place, the pieces are indeed visually astonishing, and offer the ideal complement to the Mama Africa project. Neyma is one of the most well-known artists in Africa and the project definitely raised awareness regarding 3D printing not simply just in Portugal, but internationally as well–and will go on to do so as the Mama Africa fashion line is offered. Discuss these designs in the 3D Printed Tribal Feather Accessory forum on 3DPB.com.