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Making a Case for The Apple Watch | Shapeways Reviews

by • March 28, 2016 • No Comments

You open a door in a hurry and simultaneously smash your wrist on the doorframe. Okay it hurts, but you in addition
hear a slight crunch. You appear down, and certain
, your brand new Apple Watch’s screen is smashed to bits.

Which is where today’s review comes into play. We’re bringing a appear at two Apple Watch cases with slightly various form facts.

Now, you may be considering
, “why do I require
a case for my watch? I wouldn’t put one on my Rolex, or Omega” But that
is where the Apple Watch separates itself of traditional watches whose screens “take a beating”. The iWatch can get damaged far preceding a really excellent traditional watch can. So cover up!


The initially case we are checking out is Dungstar’s 14k rose gold plated cover. This handsome yet functional cover appears excellent, feels excellent and gives the device a rad, one-of-a-kind appear.

Getting the cover on is easy and anchors it to the watch.


Pull the bands off your watch Snap the cover right on top, aligning the buttons.


Slide the bands back to lock into place.


Taking a appear at this case you can see it offers really solid coverage around the entire case, while leaving the screen pretty exposed. This makes certain
you are
never blocked while via the watch, enabling full-motion access to all of the screen, without eliminating the sleek and minimalistic form factor.

The 2nd preserve
we are appearing at is a 18k gold plated cover by Mstyle183. Assembly is the precise
same as with the previous case, via the bands to lock the cover in place.


At initially glance, the case appears approximately the precise
same too, but once you appear nearer, and begin
via the watch, you notice that
it covers the screen really a bit additional. It helps to preserve
a bit additional of the front of the watch, that makes it a little bulkier.

If you are
appearing for a sleek, minimalistic case for your Apple Watch, Dungstar’s create is a excellent version. But if you want a thing that
provides a bit additional preserve
ion, unquestionably check out Mstyle183’s version. Check out our full video review here:

Do you have one of these cases? Let us understand
what you ponder
of it. Leave your comments at a lower place, and let us understand
what you want to get out of these reviews.

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