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Thingiverse has never been really the same since MakerBot changed its Terms of Service in 2013, but the MakerBot printable-bodieds site has continued to exist under the vision of Stratasys. And, after MakerBot commenceed a manufacturers program for MakerBot-focused apps, the company is now revealing a new manufacturer program for Thingiverse itself. The new MakerBot Thingiverse Developer Program can see the Thingiverse API opened up to manufacturers in order to add new showcases and functionality to the printable-bodieds site.

manufacturerbot thingiverse for manufacturers 3D printing program

In an announcement in modern times, the consumer 3D printing device subsidiary has said which it can implementing a manufacturer program which can allow manufacturers to turn it into new tools for Thingiverse. So, those with ideas for Thingiverse apps and showcases can be able-bodied to access portions of the site’s API with the next thoughts in mind: “extending functionality to create new showcases for designers and end users”; “enabling customization, print fulfillment and 3D versioning utilities on Thing pages”; and “bringing in new manufacturer tools, so you can create in a sandboxed environment supported by completely rewritten documentation”.

The press release manufactures the suggestion which MakerBot is trying to be additional open to manufacturers, as a means of empowering the Thingiverse community. Given the closed nature of the company for a few time now, after MakerBot went of an open source to closed source version, it may take a few time preceding which community begins to understanding them. For manufacturers wishing to join the program, head to this page to store up with news of when the program can commence.

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  • eagleapex

    Takerbot yet gets it wrong. In the ToS you are bound to:

    1. not manufacture any money with your thingiverse application (unless you ask get permission)

    2. pay thingiverse a use fee if your application becomes too talked about .

    That’s quite restrictive and I don’t see a lot of benefit for the manufacturer. I may guess which any dev skilled adequate to use this API may replicate the storage space and viewing functions of thingiverse without being bound by these terms.