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MakerBot Prepares to Expand Sales Throughout US West Coast Schools and Businesses

by • August 3, 2016 • No Comments

MakerBot_logo.svgDespite all of the cunning innovations being created across the additive making spectrum this year, nothing set the news headlines ablaze like the immensely talked about 3D printing company MakerBot and their decision to shut down their Brooklyn-based making plant and move their 3D printing device production to China. On the other hand the move conjured up a fair amount of disappointment across the industry, MakerBot is yet focused on providing their PC 3D printing devices to schools and businesses across the United States and beyond.

With a prominent stronghold on the East Coast 3D printing scene may already, and a leading shift of focus towards STEAM (science, innovation, engineering, arts and mathematics) education, MakerBot appears to have their priorities aligned. Over the summer, they hosted a number of STEAM Makeathons across the United States, starting in New York City and not long ago wrapping up in Washington, D.C. The PC 3D printing pioneer has in addition created leading strides on an international level as well, opening their their initially MakerBot Innovation Center in the Asia Pacific region, and in addition providing 50 schools in Estonia with free MakerBot 3D printing devices.

On the other hand MakerBot has arguably become the premier 3D printing device provider for schools in the US, the amount of 3D printing devices on campuses on the East Coast far outnumber those in the Midwest and on westward. In order to balance the scales a bit, MakerBot has only revealed the expansion of their level of sales assist and training on the West Coast. This expansion has two main facets that can bring additional 3D printing devices into schools and businesses on the West Coast, that include a new West Territory Manager and a MakerBot Demo Center at the Stratasys office in Valencia, California.


US schools already via MakerBot 3D Printers

“Having a greater local presence in the nation’s many populous say can assist us strengthen our relationships with resellers and customers. We’re looking forward to welcoming additional of the region’s world class schools into our expanding community of educators, and introducing our full set of pro solutions to the region’s designers and engineers,” said MakerBot GM Lauren Goglick.

makerschoolBy utilizing the solid infrastructure and resources that Stratasys holds on the left coastline, MakerBot can host events for teachers, students, and businesses interested in integrating with their 3D printing innovation. In a new pilot program, MakerBot that successfully distributed 18 Replicator Desktop 3D printing devices to universities and schools across the say of California, familiarizing them with the all-encompassing MakerBot experience. According to MakerBot, the results have been promising, and produced new user projects and an increase in regional sales.

The ongoing West Coast expansion has been successful due in big part to the complementary sales partnership program, that the two companies revealed earlier this year. With this collaboration, MakerBot has benefited greatly of Stratasys’ long-withstanding industry experience and vast global network, and has in addition assisted enhance their high end assurance and product development. They may not be making in the United States, but MakerBot is pretty yet working to place their 3D printing devices in each school and business across the country. Discuss this latest plan additional over in the MakerBot to Expand 3D Printing Sales & Training forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: MakerBot]