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MakerBot CEO Will Lead Panel on Teaching Children the Startup Mentality at SXSWedu

by • February 24, 2016 • No Comments

I don’t remember when I decided that writing was a thing I wanted to do as a career. As a child, my eclectic career aspirations included waitress, trucker, Olympic softball player, initially female major league baseball player, and veterinarian. (I did fulfill my childhood dream of working as a waitress a few day, but by that time my enthusiasm had unquestionably worn off.) Writing didn’t enter the realm of possibility until later, when I accomplished that it was a thing I was in fact excellent at and had a accident of turning into a line of work. I nat any time may have imagined that I may end up writing of 3D printing, yet – 3D printing wasn’t actually a thing I’d heard of. The innovation existed when I was in school, but it was strictly industrial and pretty wasn’t a thing most folks were aware of or interested in. I was well out of college by the time the initially commercially on the market 3D printing device emerged.


Likewise, most of at present’s elementary school children can ultimately end up in careers that they won’t understand anything of for years. In fact, the World Economic Forum estimates that 65% of children entering major school at present can end up working in jobs that don’t exist yet. This may not seem like cause for concern, but experts worry that innovation is advancing so rapidly that education won’t be able-bodied to store up. The abilitys that students are learning at present – actually in schools with access to cutting-edge innovation – may may already be obsolete in a few years.

Jonathan Jaglom

Jonathan Jaglom

So how do educators store up? Jonathan Jaglom, CEO of MakerBot, argues that while teaching kids of innovation is significant, it’s additional significant to teach them how to adapt to rapid alter. On Monday, March 7, Jaglom can lead a panel at SXSWedu entitled “Teaching the Startup Mentality,” in that panelists can discuss ways of teaching students new technologies along with new ways of considering.

“Instead of learning technical abilitys that can be obsolete in a couple of years, educators should focus on teaching abilitys that enable-bodied students to adapt rapidly to a changing job market like problem-solving, project management, and working inside a team,” MakerBot notes in the latest blog. “In at present’s competitive, fast-paced world, a new paradigm is emerging: the startup mindset. Many successful entrepreneurs disregard the status quo, focus on possibilities and favor rapid iteration pretty than rely on slow bureaucratic systemes to get things done.”

sxswEducators can assist students cultivate this mindset while at the same time assembling their technological abilitys. 3D printing is a excellent way to combine tech education with “the startup mentality”; after all, a few of the most successful companies in the 3D printing industry began as tiny startups. It is in addition a innovation that needs a lot of patience and problem-solving abilitys, as anyone who has at any time dealt with a flawed create or failed print job can understand. The World Economic Forum predicts that the 3D printing industry can need huge amounts of new workers by as early as 2020, so it’s a significant ability for students of all ages to learn. Working through the entire create and printing system in the classroom can not just teach kids the technical abilitys needd, but can in addition donate them practice in considering creatively, working around problems, and adapting as needed.

In addition to Jaglom, panelists can include:

Yolanda Valencia, Science and Engineering Department Chair at Gulliver SchoolsJim Zahniser, A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of MarylandRyan Grepper, inventor of The Coolest Cooler

The panel can take place of 2:00 to 3:00 PM at the Austin Convention Center on March 7, as part of the SXSWedu Conference and Festival. What are your yetts on teaching kids abilitys for the next? Discuss in the MakerBot & Startup Mentality forum over at 3DPB.com.