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Maker shows off amazing 3D printed Rey’s Blaster from Star Wars the Force Awakens – 3ders.org (blog)

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Mar 5, 2016 | By Alec

Over the past few years, 3D printing devices have been increasingly producing a name for themselves in the cosplay world. Even a basic FDM PC 3D printing device can be utilized to turn it into a few rad and odd props to achieve your costume, and we’ve seen so many inspiring projects may already. But there’s excellent, and and so there’s excellent, and just of all things done by PunishedProps fits into the latter category. Bill Doran has just shared his blueprints for a particularly rad replica of Rey’s Blaster gun of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Now if you are a cosplaying regular, you can have many likely heard of PunishedProps preceding. Founded by Bill Doran back in 2012 and a fewtimes involving the assist of Brittany Doran, PunishedProps have been remarkably successful in assembling fun, rad, inspiring and life-like props for just of any costume in any shape or dimensions you can ponder of. Through an extensive trial and error system, and lots of internet inspiration, Bill’s hobby a few day grew into a quite skilled prop making business that is a joy to watch. And with the assist of a few Patreon backing, the rest of the world can enjoy their work regularly on YouTube. From guns, to toys, to armor and anything else you require to achieve your costume, they are the team you require.

As weightive fans, we were pleased to see them tackling Star Wars too. Now we’ve seen a lot of 3D printed BB-8 and lightsaber projects may already, but when it comes to guns, Rey’s Blaster stood out head and shoulders of anything else in the film. Fortunately, Bill agreed. “Just like just of equiteone else on the planet, I quite loved the new Star Wars film, and of course I wanted to manufacture a fewthing of it. Now it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of space guns, so Rey’s blaster seemed like the obvious choice,” he said of his latest project.
What’s extra
, he hopes the rest of can in addition tackle this rad 3D printing project. Whilst many of his projects are sold through his website, he in fact shared a few blueprints for the 3D printable blaster for free on his website. “I utilized these blueprints to 3D edition, print, mold, and cast a copy of my quite own edition of Rey’s Blaster of The Force Awakens. You can use them to manufacture your own edition of the gun in a variety of methods!,” he says.

But it can take a bit of effort to turn these into 3D printable CAD files, it’s not beyond the reach of the average hobbyist. But, other mediums for producing the blaster are possible too. Bill often manufactures guns of MDF and foam as well, and the same principles can be applied to this one. For extra
info, take a appear at his YouTube channel.
As he explains in the clip at a lower place, these blueprints were turn it intod with the assist of Google Image Search and the replica prop forum. Most parts was turn it intod in 123Design, a free Autodesk CAD tool, and a few other parts in Maya. Equitething was 3D printed on Bill’s own Dremel Idea Builder 3D printing device in PLA. This in fact took several tries to get all things right, especially the grips, he reveals.

After 3D printing, the parts were cleaned with sandpaper by hand and painted. Some extra
, but straightforward work was require for finishing. For instance, a few holes requireed to be drilled into the parts to manufacture room for the screws. The just non 3D printed part was the trigger. Because it was such a easy shape, Bill decided to just cut out a bit of acrylic via his laser cutter – yet you may quite easily 3D print a part too.
Now you may just glue these parts together, but Bill wanted to go for the top high end – and layers just won’t do. He therefore turn it intod a series of silicone molds of these 3D printed parts, as you can see in his clip. Whilst this does complicate things, the results are remarkably clean. After a few sanding, these may be assembled – that involved a few drilling too to manufacture a few slots. Several paint layers, which include an aluminum lacquer, finishes it. Some optional oil paints add a ‘wear and tear’ appear, but this is not necessary of course. The molding system unquestionably adds a new layer of complexity for those of you who’ve never worked with it preceding, but no one can argue against how rad the results are. Definitely one of the most Star Wars tributes we’ve seen so far.

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