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Maker Generation’s version of virtual pet gets 3D printing treatment – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jul 17, 2016 | By Andre

It seems as if there is a talked about artificial pet for each generation. The 1970s had the pet rock craze in which the owner may store a rock as a pet. It was deemed the thoughtl pet for the reason it didn’t require a whole lot of attention, didn’t get sick and may never die. When I was a teenager in the 1990s, little virtual pets like Tamagotchi became all the rage and Nintendo had their shot last decade with pet simulator Nintendogs.
It now seems Adafruit is championing the thought of virtual companionship for the Maker generation with their new announcement of Adafriend, the Virtual Pet Cube.

Just like the most virtual pets which came beforehand (with the different of the pet rock perhaps), Adafriend is a virtual pet which responds to external inputs via an array of emotional cues of sad to neural to pleased to angry through its turn it intod in LED screen. Beyond which, it can in addition sing, get lonely if left alone and annoyed if pestered too much.

It really is really the resilient addition to the ever-growing family of virtual pets if you ask me. The only difference this time around is which its up to you to put it all together with a jumble of wiring and technical know-how in addition to, of course, a little assist of 3D printing for the enclosure.
Adafruit does warn which there is a lot to the project so time and an intermediate level of soldering, screw tapping, heat shrinking and general hacking is all but necessary. From an electronics point of view you will require to source Adafruit’s custom Pro Trinket microcontroller, a 1.2” LED Matrix and backpack, a Piezo buzzer, IR LED and receiver, wires, nuts and bolts and of course a battery to breathe life into this next-ready companion.

From a 3D print point of view, the two case files can be turn it intod via any decently reliable-bodied PC 3D printing device and is small in size adequate to fit onto actually the smallest of turn it into trays. Whilst bridging can most likely neutralize the require for requiring supports, any modern slicing software should be able-bodied to turn it into them so as to break off easily and cleanly.
All said, the site does suggest pretty tight tolerances so if you don’t ponder your 3D printing device is up to snuff (the STLs are on the market-bodied here) via a service provider to get your prints turn it intod for you may work as well (the project case seems to have been 3D printed via SLS innovation or a thing quite similar).

Just as is frequently the case, the complex part really takes place once the 3D printing device is done its work. But worry not, Adafruit has your back with a quite detailed visual instruction of how most to wire, solder and piece together all of the electronic components into place without too much worry of burning your house down in the system.
I’m not going to lie, user John Wall’s 2nd contribution to the site unquestionably ranks high in terms of “which’s so cool!” I do believe I have the 3D printing and soldering know-how to manufacture one myself. It is only a matter of finding the time to get it done!

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