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Make 3D sound wave jewelry and art for your valentine

by • January 14, 2016 • No Comments

we’re launching our new 3D Sound Wave Creator to give you the power to create 3D printed sound wave jewelry and sound wave art in just simply a few minutes. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this online sound wave app allows for you to create a few of the most personalized 3D printed jewelry and art on the market. Think of it – what’s additional personal than the words you say to your enjoyed ones?

We understand
it appears a little early to be considering
of Valentine’s Day gifts, but in our defense we’ve been bomabarded with Valentine’s Day candy in keep since the end of December. So, can you blame us? We decided it’s fair to declare January 15th the real begin
of Valentine’s Day (it’s officially less than a month away) and bonus – you now have adequate
time to create and order your enjoyed one the thoughtl
, personalized 3D printed gift!


The 3D Sound Wave Creator is the latest addition to our collection of creator apps. Looking for a way to create a personalized pendent for your wife? We’ve got you covered. Do you have a excellent thought for a keychain you understand
your boyfriend will love? Here you go! And begin
ing today, you can finally immortalize which
within joke you have with your best friend to create the ultimate gift.

Valentine’s Day is quite
the time when custom and personalized gifts reign supreme, but there is an informative
juxtapostion between cute, handmade gifts and the beautiful jewelry pieces being gifted this time of year. What if you may combine the two? Our creator apps do just simply which
, fusing the personalization of a handmade gift with the incredible quality of jewelry you find at high-end keeps. With our array of precious metals, nobody will at any time guess you created which
pendant by yourself
(until you tell them for the reason
you are
so proud, of course!). Be certain
to begin
making soon, with the following cutoff dates in mind:

  • January 22nd – Plated Metals
  • January 27th – Premium Silver, Polished Brass, Polished Bronze
  • January 28th – Steel
  • January 29th – Raw Brass, Raw Bronze, Colored Strong & Flexible
  • February 1st – Platinum
  • February 3rd – Gold, Silver


If you are
looking for multiple gifts for your Valentine, and want to add a little a fewthing extra along with your handmade pendant, keychain, etc. be certain
to check out our roundup of incredible
for your enjoyed one. From cool gadgets to custom phone cases, our marketplace is full of excellent gifts beyond jewelry.

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