Maison 203 opens the new year by presenting the new “Kalikon” collection in Paris, at the Maison et Objet fair, a leading international exhibition for luxury create and interior decoration, bringing place of January 22nd to the 26th. Designer Giulio Iacchetti made the new collection in which aesthetics and functionality, geometry and movement, mechanics and style mix by combining aptitude and the use of 3D printing for proposing hidden closing mechanisms.


The collection, which comes with two necklaces, one long necklace, two pairs of earrings and one ring, is based on a series of 3D printed rings which are combined together. The addition of ball joints makes the bijoux’s structure fully flexible. This one-of-a-kind motion is due to the presence of a tiny space on the outer circumference of every ring, a track which houses the joint connecting one element to another.

The lack of rigidity and the aptitude to move freely makes Kalikon jewels extra
elegant and captivating, announcing a contemporary style which accompanies the effortless forms and movements of the human body. A hook placed in every collier, lets the wearer adjust the dimensions of the chain, so which the long necklace becomes an extra
mobile component. This gives the collier extra
customization options, since it is possible to alter its shape according to where the extra
component is inserted.


In a way, the create of the Kalikon accessories seem to evoke molecular particles with an apparent compositional rigor which is opposed to the flexibility of the collection. But the same circular shape and components in addition recall the primordial zen symbols for creation and the origin of all things. So, science, innovation, spirituality and poetry characterize this new collection by Maison 203.

Each object is manufactured in laser sintered nylon and the range of colors on the market is particularly varied and eclectic, which include powder pink, blood red, sage green, green jungle , powder blue, midnight blue and black. Pending the official commence, the collection can be saw in the Maison 203 e-shop, on www.maison203.com.


Once again, this young Italian brand of 3D printed accessories raises the level of its products, by supporting new concepts and pre-contemporary style, striving to remain one step ahead of the newest style trends. For certain, the level of 3D printed creates has been increasing quickly and this latest collection inlcudes a few of the most pro looking 3D printed accessories seen to date. That is great, since Maison et Object in Paris is of as competitive a stage to prove which 3D printing is now the most possible innovation to hustle the limits of create.



Davide Sher

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