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Maison 203 previews new 3D printed jewelry

by • June 29, 2016 • No Comments

The new line of contemporary 3D printed jewelry can be previewed at the September version of the Parisian fair Maison and Objet. Designed by Omri Revesz, these attractive 3D printed pieces are inspired by mathematics, dazzling poetry and the paradoxes and illusions of perception.


Penrose: mathematics, patterns and poetry

Tenacious geometric structures become vibrant patterns, rigid schemes materialise nonchalantly to generate a game of inlaid work that combines artificial with effortless, rules with creativity, approximately simulating the harmonies hidden behind our day to day lives. Penrose, the new collection of 3D printed jewelry created by the Israeli developer Omri Revesz for Maison 203, recaptures the tiling devised by Roger Penrose and Robert Aman in 1974: a pattern of geometric shapes that combine two rhombus shapes of various sizes to turn it into an endless pattern. A mathematical structure interpreted by the developer to become a platform for an unlimited number of create possibilities.


The Penrose collection starts of a complex geometric architecture that never repeats itself in an identical manner thanks to the asymmetric pattern. A quite effortless outcome is produced that brings together both order and disorder to turn it into accessories that contrast with the body, while merging with it. A collection that speaks the language of the oxymoron and harmony, open to new interpretations, in addition suggested by the diversity of colours. “Each shade consequences the suggestions inspired by the jewelry,” explains the developer. “For example, mustard and darker shades of red recapture the material aspect of the earth and surfaces parched by the sun, brighter colours alter the tiles into flower petals, while black gives the collection an elegant geometric simplicity.”


The extreme versatility of 3D printing – a main showcase of the Maison 203 collections – gives this new line of accessories a one-of-a-kind character, based on an overlapping of algorithms and mathematical geometries, complex schemes and effortless patterns. The Penrose collection – created of sintered nylon – consists of 6 earrings, 2 brooches, 4 rings, 2 necklaces with pendant and 2 chokers, in the colours of black, midnight blue, jungle green, blood red, clay, mustard and double tones – hand painted – mustard/gold, blood red/burgundy, jungle green/olive green. A collection that effortlessly combines mathematics with poetry, Penrose can be previewed in September. Until and so you can shop their current 3D printed products at their website.





About Maison 203

Maison 203 is a brand of Treviso, built in 2011 and stemming of the intuition of an international couple of developers, namely Orlando Fernandez Flores and Lucia De Conti that creates, creates and distributes contemporary collections of jewels and accessories. Design is one of the key ingredients of their production that relies on the collaboration of the many informative Italian developers such as Giorgio Biscaro, Odo Fioravanti, Giulio Iacchetti, Giorgia Zanellato and Matteo Zorzenoni.

About the developer, Omri Revesz

Born in Tel Aviv, Omri Revesz moved to Italy in 2005 and graduated in the department of Art and Design at the IUAV of Venice. After working in the Dutch studio Richard Hutten, he returned to Venice where he opened his own studio dedicated to the create and practice of contemporary create. His research examines the connection between architecture, create and art and is always characterised by a synthesis between human experience and technological pragmatism. He in addition collaborates with numerous create and interior create companies, and teaches Industrial Design at the IUAV of Venice.

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