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M3D Sees Record Growth in 2016 – Cites Benchmark Sales, Staff Expansion and Key Patent Awards

by • April 13, 2016 • No Comments

The Micro 3D Printer is the little 3D printing device which may. M3D’s Micro 3D Printer was the #1 Kickstarter campaign of all time for the 3D printing space, earning $3.4M. They succeded in recognition of Guinness World Record charting and M3D’s accolades go well beyond the digital realm. By going to market, the company fulfilled a 2ndary promise to jobseekers, creating a affluence of job opportunities for local workforces. Since commence, M3D has effectively brought in over 70 employees of Fulton and surrounding areas of Maryland, all of whom have helped to greatly augment its customer/technical assist teams, marketing/design, engineering, software development, and management teams.

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M3D just revealed record growth metrics in 2016, next the commence of the retail option of the company’s flagship Micro 3D Printer in mid-2015. Since and so, the company has reported a 200+% growth in sales of its main offering over the last six months, approximately 50,000 units sold to date. Additionally, M3D has cited exceptional internal growth through a series of new hires and key patents/trademarks for its current and next products.

“Our undertaking at M3D is to be most known as the most 3D printing device out there. We’ve shown profitability and scalability in just our 2nd year of operations – an incredibly short time period – and we didn’t need to take investments to do it,” said Michael Armani, CEO & Co-Founder. “We mayn’t be additional excited of the progress we’ve created as a company since commence – and the numbers quite do speak for themselves – and while this is pretty a step in the right way, our tremendous achievements as a company thus far are a mere stepping stone for where see ourselves in the quite near next.”

Micro-5At the Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo in New York this week, I spoke with Armani of the way of the company and their product offerings. According to Armani, M3D captured 7% of all computer 3D printing device sales with the Micro. The majority of those were direct sales. M3D is projecting to double its monthly (already between 2500 – 5000 units) sales figures by end of year. The company has in addition pledged to expand current retail distribution deals with Amazon, Micro Center, Brookstone, and B&H, as it finalizes newly created partnerships with big box stores like Staples.

M3D in addition creates its own line of filament,with a few one-of-a-kind properties. Their not long ago released Tough 3D Ink is a soft PLA which is like standard PLA is biodegradable, and their ABS-R is an easily printable ABS which does not need a heated bed. Both filaments are optimized to print at high speed on the Micro (up to 400% faster which with their standard 3D Ink PLA). M3D’s filament line in addition comes with its color changing Chameleon Ink. Their filaments come in over 60 colors and have proven to be so talked about which they are thinking making larger spools for use with other printing devices (M3D’s filaments are already on the market in 1.75mm in 1/2 lb (225g) micro spools). Prices for M3D filaments range of $14 to $23.

The Micro Standard Edition comes with a 3-month warranty and sell for $349, with prices expected to rise soon. The Micro Retail Edition comes in retail packaging with a full 1-year warranty and one spool of their filament, and is sold for $449. For additional information of M3D and its current offerings, please feel free to visit www.printm3d.com.