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M3D Returns to Kickstarter With the Brand New M3D Pro – Will They Beat Their Own Fundraising Record?

by • August 16, 2016 • No Comments

logom3dThe name M3D is quite much synonymous with Kickstarter good results. The 2014 crowdfunding campaign for their Micro 3D printing device is a famous one, reaching its funding goal inside minutes and going on to raise a ridiculous $3,401,361 by the time it ended. So the fact that the Maryland-based startup has commenceed a new Kickstarter in these days surely has most wondering if they’ll beat their own record.

M3D revealed the upcoming release of the new M3D Pro printing device at CE Week in June, so a lot of excitement has may already been stirred up. At the time, the company noted that pre-orders may start in August, but at a few point they decided to commence a full Kickstarter campaign for its release. With the record growth M3D has experienced thanks to the Micro and their newly released filament line, do they quite require crowdfunding at this point?

m3dpro“Here at M3D, our undertaking is to manufacture cutting-edge technologies effortless to use and accessible to consumers,” the company states. “The same is true for Kickstarter and its community of backers. We aim to store our create, assembly, fulfillment, sales, and assist all in-house in our USA headquarters. To meet those ends, we haven’t paid ourselves a single cent of profit. We have reinvested all of our income into our engineering, software development, and customer assist teams to expand our creative infrastructure. In line with our goals, we have in addition hired a highly experienced software architect and a top customer assist manager to assist us take our organization and service to the upcoming level.”

Plus, Kickstarters are fun, and they contribute discounts and rewards – when a reliable company commencees a campaign that’s quite much guaranteed to succeed, eachbody wins. The new campaign, commenceed in these days, has a funding goal set at $100,000. As of the time of editing, less than 30 minutes of the commence, the campaign has may already raised additional than one-third of this goal, with well over $37,000 (and rapidly rising) may already pledged. When M3D initially added the Pro, they mentioned it as a printing device that may “bridge the gap between consumer and commercial” 3D printing, and the Pro pretty appears poised to do so. At just $500, it’s cheaper than most consumer PC printing devices, but it contributes industrial-grade showcases and brand new technologys such as two ARM-core processors and over two dozen sensors.

“We confidently believe that the Kickstarter community is the community that truly understands and appreciates product technology at its core,” said Michael Armani, co-founder and CEO of M3D. “When there is a true level of novelty at work, such as a printing device that comes with a showcase set synonymous with high-end models but at a price point consumers can afford, the platform’s audience responds to it. We carefully createed the M3D Pro by incorporating direct customer feedback to show our audiences that we’ve heard them loud and clear. We’re dedicated to bringing a 3D printing device that reaches a new benchmark of reliability and efficiency for both casual consumers and professionals alike.”

m3dBuilding off the good resultsful create of the Micro, the Pro is bigger, swifter, and additional high end. The create quite optimizes use of space, with printing device size of 10.5 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches and a create volume of 7.8 x 7.2 x 7.2 inches. It is createed to be reliable on all fronts: an embedded recoquite showcase saves print jobs that have been cut off due to power outages or filament jams, and a stand-alone mode transfers print jobs of the software to an internal memory chip inside the printing device so that printing continues without requireing to be connected to a desktop.

The M3D Pro contributes monitoring of each aspect of the print job, that include speed, temperature, power levels, and filament usage. It showcases a heated print bed, and it’s swift without sacrificing high end, with a print speed of 60mm/s (travel speed of up to 120mm/s) and accuracy at 25-350 micron layer heights. It is versatile, too, accepting all industry standard 1.75mm filaments.

m3d proSo how of those rewards? They include a few quite really great discounts: 250 early backers can get an M3D Pro for $399, yet thinking the speed at that pledges poured in for the Micro campaign, you’d advantageous jump on this one RIGHT NOW. If you miss that one, you can yet get a discount at the upcoming pledge level of $449. Deliquite for those two rewards is expected in March 2017, but for a contribution of $499 you can get a “initially production” tier printing device in January or February; the just drawbacks of the early release are a few minor software limitations.

Pledges of $499 can get you the market-ready option of the printing device with later deliquite in the March to June range; if you’d like to obtain the printing device super early for beta testing, you can pledge $599 for a December 2016 deliquite or $699 for November.

With a two-year warranty and a new guide mode included in the software, M3D is unquestionably working to manufacture things as effortless and convenient as possible with this new printing device, in addition to high high end. Take a appear at the Kickstarter video at a lower place, and discuss additional over in the M3D Pro 3D Printer forum at 3DPB.com.