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MƎTHESIS Event Takes Metal 3D Printing to Milan Design Week

by • March 24, 2016 • No Comments

The exhibit is located in Via Tortona 20, at the epicenter of all Milan Design Week activities

The exhibit is located in Via Tortona 20, at the epicenter of all Milan Design Week activities

Exploring the new possibilities of generative software and additive making is a job for product developers. That is what ten of the most known developer in 3D printing are going to do, via Autodesk software and a Sisma MySint100 Laser Metal Fusion 3D printing device, for the MƎTHESIS actuallyt set to take place during Milan Design Week next month, held April 12th to the 17th.

Engineers throughout the making industry tell us that one of the major hurdles to a greater adoption of 3D printing is in the faculty to envision what kind of product geometries generative software and digital, additive technologies can assist us turn it into. Now that direct metal 3D printing is become a lot additional common, costs are lowering and create volumes are increasing, the innovation can begin to be utilized for products that go beyond its core jewelry and aerospace adoption segments, and into commercial high-end create products.

The MƎTHESIS actuallyt sets out to demonstrate this theory by asking 10 developers who have been exploring the forefront of 3D printing possibilities in new years, to turn it into a collection of metal 3D printed tableware products. Such as, for example, Francis Bitonti’s limited version Flatware collection of 3D printed silverware. Top names such as Nick Ervinck and Janne Kyttanen are in addition participating, along with visionary generatively 3D printed product developers such as MHOX, Alessandro Zambelli, Igor Knezevic and Philip H. Wilck.

The 3D printing device utilized for creating the products is Sisma's Laser Metal Fusion MySint100

The 3D printing device utilized for creating the products is Sisma’s Laser Metal Fusion MySint100

Similar to previous much like actuallyts at Milan Design Week (Synthesis in 2014 and Arthesis in 2015) Autodesk Italy sponsored the actuallyt with the goal to raise awareness as to the possibilities offered by the approach summarized into the thought of the “Future of Making Things”. More and additional this next is being shaped by cloud based, generatively capable software like Fusion 360 and the new Autodesk Within suite, that fuels the research behind the Dreamcatcher Project.

With its proprietary Laser Metal Fusion (LMF) innovation, direct metal 3D printing device developer Sisma is a main sponsor of this year’s actuallyt. In the world of create, high-high end materials are key to adequately convey the value of a product. In metal 3D printing, the high end of the material finish is equal and in a few cases actually unsurpassed to metals worked by traditional making technologies, with all the introduced geometrical freedom of powder bed fusion.

The Milan Design Week exhibit can in addition host a number of conferences pertaining to the world of digital product create and making, as 3D printing approaches begin to exert an at any time expanding effects on the way we envision, turn it into, create and donate the commercial products of in the future.