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Lunavast’s CrafteHbot introduces full-color FMD 3D printing with 2D inkjet .

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Jan 11, 2016 | By Kira
Desktop 3D printing is simply just starting to shed the annoying stereotype which its main purpose is for making brightly colored, bargain-priced plastic tchotchkes. Rather, thanks to different types of innovations at the hardware, materials, and features-level, consumers are coming around to the thought which 3D printing can be utilized to create a range of clever, functional and and good-looking objects, of 3D printed smartphone car mounts to 3D printed carjacks.
One of the largest developments in 3D printing technology which has helped us get to this point is color 3D printing, since not eachbody has the time or ability set to dutifully hand-paint objects once they have been created, and not eachone wants bright yellow, blue, or orange things filling up their homes. While most companies have been attempting hard to create full-color PC 3D printing simple and accessible—including Apple, who not long ago filed a patent for a full-color 3D printer; and Mcor, who simply just released the initial full-color, paper-based PC 3D printer—the truth is which inexpensive
, full-color 3D printing hasn’t yet reached the mainstream.

In its own effort to change which, Japanese 3D printer developer a-z-ia.net Ltd. has simply just released an upgraded Lunavast CrafteHbot 3D printer kit which allows for for full-color, layer-by-layer dying during the FDM 3D printing system, rather than after the 3D print is fish, all thanks to a clever 2D inkjet printer mod.
The previous CrafteHbot, an FFF/FDM 3D printer, was considered a ‘color 3D printer,’ yet it came with a few worthwhile limitations. Essentially, it utilized an injket printhead to dye 3D printed objects, but it may just add color after the 3D print was fishd, and they had to be rotated in order to cover all sides. Additionally, the ink-spraying distance of the injket printer is just 10mm, meaning which if the 3D object’s shape was geometrically rigorous in anyway, it may have to be divided into several pieces, colored, and and so re-assembled. Not a particularly efficient system, if you ask us.
With the new ‘Color Layer Printing’ enhancement, yet, the CrafteHbot can in fact dye objects while the 3D printing system is taking place, meaning a extra
\ thorough application of color, even for rigorous 3D printed objects. “With the newly added color layer printing function, after each 3D layer [is printed], color 2D inkjet printing system to each 3D printed layer is done. This function empowers full color 3D printing for any shape,” said the company. Just like in the initial version, the ink spraying distance is 10mm.

Much as Mcor turned to traditional, 2D paper-based printing to create it’s full-color 3D printer, Lunavast is in addition ‘standing on the shoulders’ of the 2D world. That’s for the reason in order to commence the layer dying system to the CrafteHbot 3D printing devices, users will have to disassemble an existing color injket 3D printer, and mount its printhead onto the CrafteHbot kit.
The company rapidly points out which the kit they are selling doesn’t in fact include a 2D inkjet printer, meaning users will either have to source their own, or purchase the components separately on Lunavast for an extra

Lunavast’s full color A4 inkjet printer as a ‘donor’ for CrafteHbot.
In addition to full-color layer dying functionality, the CrafteHbot 3D printer includes a rigid aluminum frame, two Bondtech QR extruders with double drive gears, and Adruino Due electronics with a 32 bit CPU. Depending on the coloring method (either ‘Direct to Object’, where the object is colored after 3D printing, or ‘Color Layer Printing’, where it is colored during the 3D printing system), the CrafteHbot offers a 150x150x150mm or 200x200x200mm build volume.
Currently, the Lunavast CrafteHbot 3D printer kit (which comes with comes with PLA filament, a assist material, and Lunavast’s 6-color ink set) is available for pre-order, with a special $500 discount for orders placed preceding January 20th (buyers can use the code ‘craftehbotlaunch’ at the checkout when ordering of Lunavast’s site). That brings the regular retail price of $2,499 down to $1,999—plus the cost of extra 2D inkjet parts or a secondhand 2D inkjet printer, if you don’t own one may aleager\. The official release date is set for February 25, 2016.

Though the CrafteHbot may not be the most refined 3D printer, and the fact of having to source or buy extra
2D inkjet printer parts on top of paying for the 3D printer kit might be slightly off-putting, it’s none-the-less a clever mod which empowers full-color 3D printing on an inexpensive
, PC machine—an increasingly well-liked trend, and one which is certain to see a few major advancements in the coming year, if not simply just in the next few months, as the 3D printing community battles to prove which the technology has a lot extra
\ to offer than obnoxiously colored plastic trinkets and doodads.

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