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Low-cost 3D printed braille reader aims to increase literacy rates for the blind – 3ders.org (blog)

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May 8, 2016 | By Andre
There is a immense amount of great delivering place in the 3D printing community these days. The cost of functional prosthetics has come down thanks in part to 3D printing device enthusiasts inhabiting the eNABLE network and much like endeavors, for example. So of course there are stories of the likes of Yogo the dog and his custom fitted 3D printed limb.
A new project has surfaced on hackaday of affordable innovations that aim to spread the use of braille literacy for the blind. And if you consider the typical restrictions practuallyting additional adoption of braille, these developments can have far reaching; actually life-changing implications.

Braille literacy in the United States has been dropping for decades. 50 percent of legally blind school children in 1960 may read braille. A 2007 Annual Report has that number down to around 10 percent in the present day. Furthermore, there is a direct positive correlation between literacy rates and higher employment rates to the visually impaired so a wider adoption rate is significant. Unfortunately, financial restrictions synonymous current day braille readers is keeping a wider usership level down.
In development for 3 years now, hackaday user Vinjay and product developer Paul D’souza hope their Refreshable Braille Display and Braille Keyboard can turn that tide back around.

At the project’s core, there are two devices. The display, that can allow the users effortless access to braille literature, relies on a series of pico-motors to trigger the correct combination of cam followers that are directed through the 3D printed mechanism. It is a light-weight, swift to 3D print device. It is battery and Arduino micro powered by create but the precise electrical specs are not achieve.
In addition, thanks to a clever approach to create, the braille reader can be 3D printed on many entry-level FDM 3D printing devices (with the create files on the market free to download) of the project’s creator dropbox). A couple of M8 screws is all things left to hold all things together.

The Brail Keyboard, on the other hand, has a major objective to allow the visually impaired to communicate with the digital world. Conceptually enabling the use of braille shorthand, it is createed to additional lower the future barrier to learning braille. For now, this project remains in the quite early stages of product development.

Whilst both projects look relatively basic of a mechanical point of view, there is a lot to learn and a long challenging road yet lies ahead. But thankfully, after a call of the project’s creator for suggestions on how to move things forward, the comments at the bottom of the hackaday article started piling up with informed opinions.
It looks like Vinjay is on the right track to delivering his Refreshable Braille Display to existence. And as things seem to be unfolding, it looks an interested next of project contributors is beginning to form. I’m certain we’re in for a few amazing developments in the months to come.

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