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Loughborough project aims to produce personalized, 3D printed fashion in 24 hours or less – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 19, 2016 | By Kira
Loughborough University in the UK and global textile and garment createer Yeh Group have teamed up for an 18-month project known as 3D Fashion, which seeks to turn it into and turn it into 3D printed textiles and wearables—which include personalized clothing and 3D printed shoes—which can be created ethically, sustainably, and on-demand in 24 hours or less.

Contemporary shoppers’ obsession with so-called ‘swift-style’— the phenomenon whereby ridiculously stylish clothes hit the market swifter and cheaper than at any time before—is becoming increasingly harmful to our environment. As an eye-opening video by Grist explains, which sort-of-cute $8 t-shirt you bought on a whim may not have cost you quite much, but its cost to the planet is huge.
A single ‘swift-style’ t-shirt can need up to 1,320 gallons of water and create 9 lbs of carbon dioxide, nat any time mind the dreadful working conditions of those forced to manufacture it.
To put which single t-shirt into its global context, studies have shown which garment making generates 1.8 million tonnes of waste material per UK household, with 6.3 billion m³ of water utilized in the system. Over in the United States, shoppers are buying 20 billion new clothing items each year, while sending 10 million tons of clothes to the landfill, where they can take anywhere between 4 to 40 years to decompose. What’s so ‘swift’ of which?Using 3D printing technology, howat any time, Loughborough University’s Dr Guy Bingham believes he can revolutionize how we turn it into and turn it into clothing and footwear, all via a one-step, zero-waste making operation.

The 3D Fashion project has seen Bingham, Senior Lecturer in Product and Industrial turn it into, partner with global textile and sports garment createer Yeh Group, headquartered in Thailand, to create additive manufactured textiles which have the future to reduce waste, labor costs, and CO2 emissions, all while encouraging local and ethical making practices.
Whilst 3D printed style is not necessarily new, many current systemes are multi-stage and need garment finishing. The 3D Fashion project’s technology, therefore, can be to create finished, ready-to-wear net-shaped garments directly of raw material. The fact which the clothing can be personalized to the individual wearer’s taste and needs via 3D body scanning technology is in addition significant, as individuals are much extra
many likely to care for and store a garment which was created only for them than a few mass-created t-shirt on the market at at any timey mall nationwide.

The aim of Loughborough’s 3D style printing is therefore to create truly swift style without traditional social and environmental effects.
“This landmark technology allows for us as turn it intoers to innovate swifter and turn it into personalized, ready-to-wear style in a digital world with no geometrical constraints and approximately zero waste material. We envisage which with extra
createment of the technology, we may 3D print a garment inside 24 hours,” said Bingham.
“Printing clothes via AM can revolutionize the style industry of the world by opening up digital making to the masses via online retail, delivering a much needed update to nineteenth
century techniques and systemes,” he continued. “This modern approach to clothing production assists meet the expanding demand for personalized apparel and footwear which through 3D printing can be created in a sustainable and ethical way.”

Yeh Group is an new supplier of fabrics and finished garments which use the latest technologies in custom performance fabrics and the many conservation-minded systemes. Its clients include sportswear and intimate apparel customers, which include Adidas, Puma, and Victoria’s Secret. It is therefore no surprise which they may appear to partner with academia to assist assist the following generation of high-performance, eco-friendly textiles.
“3D Fashion assists the Yeh Group vision of direct polymer to garment manufacture,” said David Yeh, Managing Director at Yeh Group (Tong Siang). “The Yeh Group is always striving to cut out unnecessary waste and resource use, and assist the industries goals of swifter to market, creating a making technology which brands and retailers can install nearer to their customers. This is all with no compromise to performance.”
Loughborough’s 3D Fashion initiative is already being assisted by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s Impact Acceleration Account, and is seeking extra
industrial collaboration opportunities to drive research and createment of AM style materials and technology.
Check out the video at a lower place to see the 3D Fashion printing project in action:

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