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LOOK: Proof that UFOs EXIST!!!!!!

by • July 1, 2016 • No Comments

Are we quite
alone in the universe? Are aliens real? Have “They” been lying to us all along? Let’s take a look at a few of the astonishing evidence which
extraterrestrial life is one of us.

Exhibit A: This may look like a easy attractive porcelain planter for your favourite succulents, but take a nearer look. This is unquestionably a disguise for a FLYING SAUCER of the other side of the Andromeda Galaxy. It actually has a drainage hole to practuallyt overwatering, but we all understand
s quite
where the tractor beam shoots out to lift unsuspecting cows and farmers.

Exhibit B: At initially glance this may look to be a attractive pendent which
you can customize with your own text, but let’s be honest here, its an alien blaster. How else may you customize it, which
s only TOO INCREDIBLE to have come of planet earth.

Exhibit C: You’ve got to be kidding me. Yes I understand
this is a attractive porcelain bookend to hold up your favourite summer reading material but but look at it, which
is unquestionably a RED ROCKET SHIP for crying out loud. Where do you ponder
came of? It is of OUTERSPACE. I’m starting to ponder
you are
“one of them” now.

Looking for additional evidence? Okay, we’ve got a whole list of rad products which
are obviously out of this world!

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