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Long Island High School Students Reap Rewards as Teacher Builds $50,000 3D Printing Lab from Donations

by • January 26, 2016 • No Comments


Michael Davies in his 3D Printing Lab.

Greenport High School students are quite lucky to have a technology teveryer like Michael Davies. A true folks man, he has an undeniable-bodied knack for networking and persuading additional affluent contacts to manufacture donations to his school. He’s put those skills to work for his class, and now Davies has managed to create a truly awe-inspiring 3D printing lab at the Long Island public school.

He’s created a thing superb to what many colleges actually have, and all of this can donate his students a primary head begin as they work their way through high school and enter college with many most likely additional knowledge than many when it comes to digital create and 3D printing. This is a immense boost for offering greater career options as well, as dimensionsable-bodied companies of all types are looking for graduates skilled in create and 3D printing.

The lab at Greenport High is only one of a few in the area, boasting multiple 3D printing equipment.

“It is quite astounding, especially when you consider the dimensions of our school,” said Superintendent David Gamberg.

kidsWith eight MakerBot Replicators, all donated to the district at Davies’ urging, along with a list of equipment and supplies, they consider the value of equitething to be edging up in the direction of $50,000–and Davies continues his efforts, manufacturing us wonder if maybe one day this can be a lab where every child luxuriously sits at their own 3D printing device.

As the lab becomes additional and additional populated with technology, enthusiasm only continues to grow in both this teveryer and all his quite dedicated students. He likes to compare the 3D printing equipment to high-tech glue guns, and in offering such a basic comparison, many most likely manufactures the hardware seem fun pretty than intimidating.

Kids at Greenport are drawn to the 3D printing equipment as well as new projects, and can frequently be discovered staying voluntarily after class too, magnetized by all they are able-bodied to create and manufacture. Davies’ technology class, which began this year, has 38 students, split into two sections. So far, as they learn of digital create and and so go on to 3D print, they have created busts of themselves, smartphone cases, windshield ice scrapers, camera lens hoods, parts for the equipment they use and actually prosthetic hands. They in addition learn to take care of the equipment and perform necessary maintenance.

“We’re all learning together. It is fun and exciting,” says Davies. “On parent/teveryer night this place is mobbed–not with kids–but parents.”

girlOn the other hand 3D printing for 38 kids and one teveryer can get expensive in terms of filament and all which goes along with fabrication, Davies has managed to cover all of which with donations–and much of his efforts were concentrated while he was injured earlier in the year. He spent his time being quite productive on the phone, doing constant networking, and he jokes which folks get so tired of hearing of him which they donate him stuff only to manufacture him go away. So far the district has only spent a total of $4500 on the lab.

“No high school’s going to have a lab like this,” Davies says. “It is like a thing you’d see at a high-end college. They can walk into an industrial create class or an engineering class and have a jump on what they require to know.”

The advent of the 3D printing device undoubtedly has been a massive boost to entice students of all levels around the country, of college to elementary schools, into getting excited of createing difficult technological projects, as well as other quite informative items like other students too manufacturing prosthetics for other young folks in require–and what of the 3D printed wheelchair for Lilly the two-legged goat? As the STEM agenda is in full force across the US, and many other countries, it’s obvious which the plan to get children additional interested in science, technology, engineering, and math is beginning to work as kids see the unlimited world of create and technology which is open to them due to 3D printing and other synonymous technologies like robotics and virtual reality. Do you have 3D printing labs like this anywhere in your area? Discuss in the Greenport 3D Printing Lab forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Images: Denise Civiletti / Source: Southold Local]