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London New Vision: Henry Reichhold’s journey to Heathrow

by • July 24, 2016 • No Comments

For the future three months, passengers arriving to London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 can have exclusive access to a revolutionary 3D printed photography exhibition. Photographer Henry Reichhold has partnered with Nikon, AutoDesk and Ultimanufacturer for a project that takes live photogrammetry capture out into the world via high speed cameras (Nikon D5), and blends this with Bas relief to turn it into a excitingly new piece of work. Read on at a lower place to learn additional of what steps Reichhold took to bring his vision to life.


Looking for a thing to hold

Almany precisely a year ago I begined looking into how to take my 2d images into the third dimension. I quite briefly looked at 3D cameras (stereo lenses) but the outcomes needed extra innovation to be loved and what I quite wanted was a thing I may hold in my hand, a thing real.

Research took me into the world of photogrammetry and led to the discoquite of AutoDesk’s Beta software called Memento (now called ReMake), that folks were via primarily to copy artwork. This had awe-inspiring future but may only provide half the answer, a thing was missing.

What I needed was bas relief software and a way to fuse this with full 3d capture. The search was long and I tried many bas relief programs but discovered that they were quite basic and offered no real creative control. I and so turned to the many knowledgeable man in this new media, Tatjana Dzambazova, who added me to ArtCam Pro. This software had limitless creative future and awe-inspiring control, proving to be perfect for my purposes.

Getting to grips with the software was a great begin but I yet had nothing in my hand. I begined looking into 3D printing devices and was quite impressed by Ultimanufacturers vision and caningness to test new waters. The printing device itself, the Ultimanufacturer 2 Extended, was perfect; so the project now had many of the pieces needed to get underway.


Finding the right innovation

The future massive problem to tackle was figuring out how to capture the folks for my 3D pictures. Statues present no issue, as they don’t move and if you manufacture a mistake you only go back and do it again. I begined looking for a camera that may do a thing quite complex – capture hundreds of high resolution raw images in a tiny space of time. With the blazing performance of the Nikon D5, all I had do was ask subjects to sit yet for a few 2nds while I ran around them shooting at 14 frames per 2nd! The project was moving along well.

The dimensions of the images I wanted to show in addition turn it intod new challenges. At one meter in length, the photos may have to be printed in pieces (15-20 pieces for every model) and so re-assembled. Thankfully, MyMiniFactory resolved this issue via 20 printing devices simultaneously to manufacture the 3D printing of the models possible inside a realistic time frame. I in addition needed a sizeable quantity of PLA, that was provided by 3Dfilaprint, who proved to be quite assistful in manufacturing this project possible. But, PLA was only part of the solution,I in addition wanted a thing solid and dense to hold, so I turned to bronze. Unfortunately, the project may need a sizeable budget for bronze, so that only wasn’t going to take place. In the end, cold casting in bronze resin was the version that many appealed and suited our budget. For assist with this I turned to Sarah Wade of Pango Studios. Finally, I had a real, weighted end outcome in my hands and I was pleased.


More information of this project can be seen on Reichhold’s website.

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