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Let the Beta Testing Begin: APWorks Officially in Receipt of MetalFAB1 Industrial 3D Printing System

by • April 21, 2016 • No Comments

apworks-airbus-logoWell, it’s official—but pretty this won’t be the last you hear of APWorks and the new mega MetalFAB1 process, that they are now formally in receipt of. This impending beta testing phase for Additive Industries, headquartered in the Netherlands, is one we’ve been next as they’ve steadily been assembling a foundation program for trials, now to include not just Airbus Group subsidiary APWorks, but in addition the Dutch Kaak Group and United Grinding Group.

Now, APWorks can begin testing both this sizeable, integrated process and its corresponding software platform, Additive World, for series production of their industrial parts intended for their customers in a few of the next areas:

RoboticsMechanical engineeringAutomotiveMedical innovationAerospace

logoAdditiveIndustriesWhile participating in this comprehensive beta testing phase, the Airbus Group subsidiary can be responsible for completely evaluating both operating processes and applications for the MetalFAB1, with the end outcome being validation and certification of the processes for its many significant parts.

“Today we are bringing an significant leap forward in industrializing metal additive making innovation. This can substantially improve part reproducibility and reduce the total cost of 3D printed parts,” said Joachim Zettler, Managing Director of APWorks.

The MetalFAB1, a powder bed metal (SLM-based) 3D printing device is an high end process promising greater reproducibility and efficiency for high-end clients with serious industrial requirements. Users are promised higher productivity for the reason of the multiple lasers, as well as integrated processs and tenfold reproducibility. The printing device in addition offers stress relief heat treatment, and both automated create plate handling and storage space are integrated into this one production process, that is a veritable factory in itself. Customers attracted to via the MetalFAB tend to be involved in create and create high-end equipment (OEM, B2B) or other capital investment goods.

“For additive industries this initially shipment is an significant milestone,” said Daan Kersten, co-founder and CEO of Additive Industries. “Following the smooth installation and successful completion of the site acceptance tests at APWorks, we can now begin our beta test phase as a preliminary step to ramping up for series production of the MetalFAB1 process.”


MetalFAB1 Beta System Specifications* are as follow.

“The MetalFAB1 Beta test process specifications are founded on a comprehensive and detailed process create process,” states Additive Industries on their website. “Part of the Beta program is to verify and validate the specifications jointly with our Beta customers in various application environments. Depending on the verification outcomes the final specifications may alter.”

Net create envelope: 420 x 420 x 400 [mm]Laser type: Yb fibre laser, 400 [W] (future 1 [kW] possible)# of lasers: maximum of 4 (full field) (2 during Beta Programme)Process chamber O2 level: 100 [ppm]BTAccuracy: < +/- 0.050 + 0.0002 x Part Length [mm]BTPart reproducibility: < +/- 0.050 [mm] (3σ)BTOverlay accuracy (via real-time compensation): < 5 [µm]BTLayer thickness: 20-100 [µm]Powder feed and handling: Automated per create chamberMinimum autonomous multi-job operation: 112 [hrs]BTStorage positions empty create plates: 8Finished jobs: 2-4 (depending on create height)Heat treatment maximum temperature: 1100 [°C]BTHeat treatment O2 level: 100 [ppm]BTJob preparation: Off lineRemote access & monitoring: Yes, through Additive World Platform

* Specifications may alter

Additive Industries is known for bringing 3D printed metal, functional parts of ‘lab to fab’ with their modular processs, accompanied by integrated platforms intended for relevant and frequently demanding industrial markets such as aerospace, car, medical innovation, and additional. Their goal is to see clients in all markets experience greater productivity and flexibility.

APWorks is a 100% subsidiary of the Airbus Group. The goal of the company is to manufacture aerospace innovation accessible to numerous industries, offering metallic 3D printing for ‘the entire value chain.’ APWorks serves customers inside industries of robotics to medical, offering shorter turnaround times in production, along with additional lightweight products, outcomeing in less use of materials. Along with 3D printing, they in addition market new projects and technologies of Airbus Group Innovations. What do you ponder of this beta testing phase and the foundation they have laid with several partners? Discuss in the APWorks To Start Beta Testing MetalFAB1 3D Printing System forum over at 3DPB.com.