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Lenovo moves into Chinese 3D printer market with XiaoXin L20 smart 3D printer – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 26, 2016 | By Alec

Nearly a year ago, Chinese consumer electronics giant Lenovo shared a few big news at the quite initially Lenovo Tech World Conference in Beijing on May 28 2015: they may become the initially top line Chinese brand to enter the consumer 3D printing market. Fast forward elactually months, and that is precisely what Lenovo has done. At a new actuallyt in Beijing, they have only added their quite own XiaoXin L20 line of smart 3D printing equipment aimed at consumers.
You can wonder why a manufacturer of laptops, smartphones and tablets is interested in the consumer 3D printing market, that is a lot smaller in size than Lenovo’s usual target customer base. But as Lenovo’s 3D printing business manager Mu Zhen explained, 3D printing has become big business in China and is set to expand enormously. According to Mu Zhen, the Chinese 3D printing market has become the third biggest in the world. It accounts for 13 percent of the international market’s ractuallyue, and for of 8 percent of all sales. What’s additional, the domestic market is blossoming. Market specialists are predicting a steady high growth speed of 100 percent over the coming years, while the Chinese government is strongly backing 3D printing development. This market may become the next flashpoint in the Chinese economy, the manager said.

Lenovo can thus have become the initially top-line brand to enter the 3D printing market, they can many likely not be the last. What’s additional, they are doing so with an astounding 3D printing device. At the announcement a year ago, the company showed off several da Vinci 3D printing equipment by Chinese partners XYZPrinting, and they have doubtlessly learnt a lot of those successful consumer versions during the development of the XiaoXin L20 3D printing device.
For starters, it looks quite great for a consumer version. Featuring quite smooth, Apple-like panels with metallic silver-colored frames, the whole XiaoXin L20 structure is in fact created of strong aluminum. This assures a quite stable 3D printing device that weighs as little as 8.8 kg. What’s additional, the L20 features a quite open create to allow users to closely monitor 3D printing on the 20 x 18 x 16 cm create platform and alter materials quite easily. But, all bearings and tracks have been achievely packed away to ensure user safety.
Whilst no precise specifications have been announced yet, Lenovo did may already feature the 3D printing device’s many significant selling point: smart and user friendly 3D printing. Whilst the previous generation of computer desktop 3D printing equipment call for a lot of guide work in regards to leveling and calibration, the Lenovo XiaoXin L20 3D printing device features intelligent automatic leveling options. With that smart module, automatic corrections are actually possible during 3D printing to ensure optimal results. Furtheradditional, the L20 in addition features high level temperature control for processatic 3D printing.

The machine’s user-friendliness is additional reflected in its openness to a quite wide variety of 3D printing materials, which include polylactic acid, flexible rubber, wax, wood, and rubber, alongside other additional common filaments. This means users won’t have to worry of whether or not a fewthing is 3D printable. Moreover, the XiaoXin L20 is particularly effortless to set up and install, with e-mail notifications keeping the user informed of 3D print status, power protection and the say of pause and resume orders. Finally, Lenovo has may already announced that they can be supporting the XiaoXin L20 with a cloud-based online public 3D printing service. This is meant to form a seamless closed-loop process to provide achieve customer services.
Lenovo, it appears, are not working on a few weak take on to sell a few additional products, as the XiaoXin L20 3D printing device is looking quite promising indeed. Instead, their product appears to match the company’s ambition to establish a major position in China’s fiercely competitive 3D printing market. We can doubtlessly hear additional of this astonishing 3D printing move in the near next.

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