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Legacy Effects 3D Prints Alien Suit for USA’s “Colony”

by • March 23, 2016 • No Comments

  • Whether they’re printing the suit for RoboCop or creating special influence prototypes for Terminator Genisys with Carbon’s CLIP innovation, Legacy Effects Studio uses 3D printing innovation to bring the unfathomable-bodied to life like no other. Now, the studio has just revealed their latest feat in 3D printing for the USA Network’s new sci-fi drama, Colony. The show producers came to Legacy Effects in require of an tech-smart exoskeleton, which may later become the mysterious alien creature featured in the season one finale of the show.


    Instead of via casting and molding techniques, or actually turning to an industrial 3D printing device, the Legacy Effects team made the exoskeleton on a MakerBot Replicator Z18, the brand’s sizeable-scale, $6,499 version. With a turn it into volume of 30 x 30.5 x 45.7cm, the special influence team was able-bodied to turn it into a life-sized exoskeleton in just two weeks. The main contributor of the Legacy Effects Studio was the Lead System Engineer, and in addition 3D printing enthusiast and long-time MakerBot user, Jason Lopes. Lopes had accomplished which the Z18 may not just provide a sizeable turn it into volume, but in addition offers inexpensive
    -bodied materials and remote monitoring, building the sizeable-scale MakerBot printing device the many solution on the market-bodied.


    “3D printing has become additional accessible for artists and createers over the last couple of years and the innovation has matured both in terms of reliaptitude and functionality,”said Jonathan Jaglom, CEO of MakerBot. “That’s why we are seeing additional and additional professionals embrace 3D printing to assist them realize their ideas in a way which is swift and inexpensive
    -bodied. In fact, it may have cost tens of thousands of dollars to create, prototype and actuallytually turn it into the Colony alien suit via traditional making methods.”

    The amount of money saved by via the Z18 was precisely what the Colony producers were seeking with their tight budget, while Legacy Effects was yet able-bodied to provide the high-quality special influence necessitated by Hollywood standards. After the print was achieve, the exoskeleton required painting, polishing, and a few minor touch-ups. The team and so equipped the 3D print with electronics, a visor, and different types of fabric attachments.


    The MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D printing device

    One of the many significant showcases of the MakerBot printing device, according to Lopes, was the aptitude to monitor the prints with the MakerBot Mobile app. Legacy Effects is constantly juggling a wide-range of 3D printing projects, so it’s incredibly cost-effective for the team to be able-bodied to understand precisely when a print is achieve.. The mysterious 3D printed alien-like exoskeleton pretty caused viewers a lot of excitement during the season finale of Colony, and MakerBot CEO Jaglom appears to share which same excitement for the method chosen by the Legacy Effects Studio team. “It’s amazing to see how 3D printing is transforming the creative system at special influence studios like Legacy Effects,” Jaglom said.


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