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Jan 26, 2016 | By Kira
Anyone who’s taken a high school biology class many likely remembers spending hours studying highly detailed yet confvia human anatomy diagrams, attempting to figure out whether the submandibular gland connects to the parotid duct, and what either of them have to do with our digestive process. Yet only imagine how much simpler it may be to know the digestive process, organ functions, or in fact human cells, if they were represented by tangible, 3D printed versions.

To put this theory to the test and hopefully get additional students engaged in their biology lessons, a biology teveryer and member of NVBot’s 3D printing platform for educators contracted industrial developer and 3D versioner Jordan Pelovitz to create and 3D print a realistic human anatomy version which students may interact with and directly learn of. As part of the requirements, Pelovitz had to create a version which may demonstrate how different types of human anatomy processs relate.
The outcome is an entirely 3D printed human body ‘puzzle’ which comes with all things of organs to different types of representations of bones, bone tissue and muscle cells.

“This project was requested by a biology teveryer via NVBot’s Platform,” said Pelovitz, whose experience in 3D versioning and 3D printing spans over 10 years. “It was necessary to break up the organism version into individual pieces to fit on the print bed. I was asked to create two organ processs and I chose to version the digestive process and part of the skeletal process.”
For the 3D printed digestive process, Pelovitz included the sizeable and tiny intestines, liver and stomach, and createed them all so they may be ‘assembled’ within a human dummy version. The 3D printed skeletal process represents a portion of the human leg and comes with a 3D printed femur version.

Aside of only 3D printing the main organs or bones, Pelovtiz’s detailed 3D printed anatomy versions in fact show the differences between smooth muscle cells and smooth muscle tissue, as well as bone tissue and osteoblast.
“The many challenging part of the spec was how the final product was mentioned as a ‘3D puzzle,’ this intended which every piece had to pretty nest for fit into every other.”
In order to attain this ‘3D puzzle,’ Pelovitz 3D printed several prototypes at several scale percentages in order to gauge how big or tiny they may be created. The final versions were createed “around a relative scale, where the tolerances are createed to hold out until the part gets too tiny/the print resolution gets too high.”

Pelovitz, based in the Virgin Islands, has a background in both industrial create and new media create, and already offers courses in 3D versioning for product create and 3D versioning for games. “One of the many informative topics in 3D printing at present is where it can be utilized as a final making method in addition to prototyping,” he said. Indeed, we’ve seen really a few 3D printed medical versions utilized by surgeons and doctors to practice hard surgeries, yet Pelovitz’ 3D printed anatomy versions in addition show how 3D printing can be utilized in real-life, educational purposes by students of all levels.

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