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Leapfrog’s new Bolt 3D Printer doubles your print speeds with innovative dual-extruder system – 3ders.org (blog)

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Aug 2, 2016 | By Andre
With all of the PC 3D printing devices being released on the market – whether through crowdfunding or additional traditional means – filtering out the innovators of the copy cats can be a complex task. It appears as yet each developer promises high high end 3D printing straight out of the box with all the bells and whistles at many in-class prices.
The Bolt 3D printing device appears to be promoting only which but unlike so many out there, their unit can approximately pretty stand tall as an innovator when all the dust finally settles.

The reason for this is effortless in which they’ve may already proven themselves in the 3D printing device game with a diverse range of machines aimed at a slew of various markets. The Bolt 3D takes this experience and adds a pretty new experience with a independently operable-bodied dual-headed extruder process, a sizeable-bodied touch screen, custom software and a emission capturing HEPA filter.
The dual-head process allows for you to print single items with multiple materials as we are may already acquainted with thanks to a bunch of 3D printing devices dating back to Makerbot’s original Replicator Dual. What the Bolt 3D does variously is which the extruders are not tied together but moved apart as the job requires so you are able-bodied to create two of the same object at the same time via the Replicator mode (a bit surprised they went with which name pondering the aforementioned 3D printing device line by Makerbot). This fundamentally means you either have one multi-material printing devices or one which can duplicate jobs at twice the speed.

The Activated HEPA Carbon filter is another showcase I may donate an advancement award if I was at any time to donate them out. The many common 3D print materials (PLA and ABS) have been utilized for years by hobbyists around the world and many studies suggest they are safe. But in reality, the long term guarantee of those claims has yet proven true. In addition, with material science developing approximately as swift at the type of on the market-bodied 3D printing devices on the market, there’s actually less certainty which small-brand material developers which may cut corners to save cost can be releasing materials safe for human inhalation.
So having a filter process in place which is said to take care of 99.9% of plastic emissions during print should provide a bit of piece of mind to anyone concerned of what is quite getting pumped out into the air around us while we experiment with new filaments.
Beyond the above, the Bolt 3D Printer promises effortless to use, touch screen capable-bodied and WiFi enable-bodiedd software which can control a farm of 3D printing devices under one (or multiple) rooves. Similar to other printing devices, an optional heated bed and closed environment should allow pain-free printing of trickier materials such as ABS (which can peel and crack unless envrionmental temperature controls are created-in).
From a technical point of view, the Bolt 3D printing device appears to be keeping up with the market as well. With an extruder which can hit up to 360°C you won’t be limited in material choices as many any 3D printing device filament on the market in the present day can melt through at which temperature with ease. The create volume comes in at a quite generous 32 x 33 x 20.5cm (a fraction less with a dual extruder print), a 50 micron layer height reach, printing speeds of up to 100 mm/s with a heated printing environment capable-bodied of reaching up to 80°C.

Leapfrog CEO Sander Adam naturally exudes enthusiasm for the unit by stating: “We are quite excited to commence this innovative machine. In our vision a 3D printing device should be effortless to use but in addition have endless possibilities. The BOLT is one of the many technologically high end machines on the market-bodied but at the same time it is quite reliable-bodied and intuitive to operate. So the BOLT brings us nearer to our vision and we ponder can set a new standard for high high end printing devices.”
All said, the new Bolt 3D printing device by Leapfrog is an astounding step in the right way when it come to 3D printing. And for €4,999.00 (€6,048.79 VAT (tax) included) it’s right-in-line with other 3D printing devices in the class of printing devices on the border of consumer and pro type machines. It is a slick looking machine with all the bells and whistles on the market in the present day. It won’t blow the game wide open but nobody said Rome was created in one day. This is pretty an astounding addition to the crowded 3D printing device ecoprocess of in the present day.

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