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Leading European Food Packaging Machinery Developer Now Offers Custom 3D Printed Components

by • February 2, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_pwrpack_logoOf all things that happened in the 3D printing industry last year, I ponder that it was the explosion of industrial applications for 3D printing innovation that had the largest impact on the industry as a whole. That expanding interest drove 3D printing device sales to all time highs and it appears like that trend is set to go on into 2016. More businesses than at any time finally began exploring how 3D printing may assist their companies grow, and it has discovered a place in a few quite unexpected places. The versatility of 3D printing innovation go ons to be its many beautiful asset as companies appear for new ways to please their customers and donate them the most options on the market.

Netherlands-based PWR Pack, a createer of robotic food packaging, pick and place and portioning machines, just revealed that with the adoption of 3D innovation they can be expanding their production facilities. The company is set to contribute their customers customized 3D printed robotic grippers and end effectors, as well as high end intelligent vision systems that use 3D vision software for accurate automated packaging and high end control. With the new production facilities and 3D innovation PWR Pack expects a dramatic increase in customer demand, so they can in addition be expanding their onsite technical team. Additionally they have brought in Alex Hofmann as the new sales manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Andrea D’Amico as the new sales and marketing director.

3dp_pwrpack_automated_packagingPWR Pack debuted a few of their new 3D innovation at two candy and snack food conventions, ISM and ProSweets 2016, both held concurrently this week in Cologne, Germany. The star of their exhibition booth was PWR Pack’s latest pick and place system that was created to handle pastries or confections that are delicate or have irregular shapes. It is just one of sat any timeal packaging systems that uses their new 3D vision innovation that can monitor products as they are being packed. The new innovation provides customers not just with improved high end control, but packaging inspection, label placement and seal control.

“One of the challenges for our customers in the food building industry is the rising cost and availability of labour while price pressure on their products is yet at a quite high level. Smaller packs and single assist packaged food products as well as packaged food for consumption on the go is expanding at a swift rate. This donates us additional opportunities to create high speed automated packaging innovation that advantageous fits our customers’ needs as these trends grow,” explained D’Amico.

3dp_pwrpack_3dprinted_toolsThe new 3D printed grippers and end effectors, in addition known as End-of-Arm Tooling, that PWR Pack can start contributeing to their customers can allow them to customize packaging machines three times swifter than via the traditional createment system. Their 3D printed customer-specific gripper systems can be prototyped swifter and additional efficiently, while in addition building additional harsh gripper creations possible. Because the final parts are in addition 3D printed, the cost of replacing damaged or offensive parts is far less, and replacements can be manufactured much swifter. Not just do these 3D printed grippers cost less to create and replace, but they outcome is less machine downtime, that can save companies thousands of dollars a day. Tell us your thoughts on these new systems in the PWR Pack Uses 3D Printing to Expand forum over at 3DPB.com.