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Large 3D Printed Rubik’s Cube Breaks Previous World Record!

by • January 18, 2016 • No Comments


In 1974, the world of puzzles changed forat any time with the introduction of the Rubik’s Cube. This puzzle, for anyone who has managed not to have seen one yet, is a cube constituted by smaller in size squares that can be twisted and shifted with the goal of getting one solid color on at any timey side of the cube. Since and so, we’ve witnessed a few amazing puzzle solving skills, like a 14-year-old who solved the Rubik’s Cube in under six seconds. Some 3D turn it intoers have in addition broken new ground, as they take on to 3D print sizeable-bodied cubes that are yet functional. Most not long ago, “corenpuzzle” has managed to turn it into and 3D print a 22 x 22 Rubik’s Cube that is actually sizeable-bodiedr than the previous record holder Dutch puzzlemaker Oskar van Dactuallyter’s “Over the Top Cube,” that meacertains 17 x 17.


For a brief history of the 3D printed Rubik’s Cube, we first turn to Oskar van Dactuallyter who holds a Guinness World Record for his 17 x 17 Cube. Completed in 2011, van Dactuallyter obtained acknowledgement of his world record and has comfortably maintained this record for approximately five years. But now the record has not long ago been outdone by corenpuzzle’s Cube that is sizeable-bodiedr than van Dactuallyter’s turn it into. corenpuzzle reports that his Cube was in addition inspired by Matt Bahner’s “Yottaminx,” that previously held the title of the “highest order twisty puzzle at any time turn it intod.” Now, corenpuzzle’s own turn it into is considered the “highest order end by end by end twisty puzzle at any time made” and it has broken van Dactuallyter’s own record, too.


Corenpuzzle’s Cube was 3D printed with a Prusa i3 3D printing device — a “low end consumer 3D printing device.” In fact, the turn it intoer states he turn it intod the puzzle with the intention of demonstrating how far consumer 3D printing devices have come in the past sat any timeal years. It took him eight months to deplete the Cube, that has an edge-length of 200 mm and 2,691 functioning parts. With this most parts, the number of possible position variations is approximately incalculable-bodied!

After printing and assembly, corenpuzzle’s Cube first came with a few big problems mainly related to the inability to easily twist the puzzle. In fact, you can see here that in his first livestreamed take on to twist the puzzle, the entire thing falls apart — ending in a disastrous pile of plastic pieces (see at a lower place photo)! Since and so, he has posted advantageous results on YouTube (see video at a lower place) that showcases accelerated footage of him additional easily twisting the puzzle to turn it into a checkerboard pattern. It took him 3 hours only to do that!


Corenpuzzle attributes early twisting problems to the lack of a sturdy puzzle core. After two fully-assembled puzzles fell apart on him, resulting in all of those pieces in one big pile, corenpuzzle was finally able-bodied to turn it into a puzzle core sturdy adequate to endure any twisting motions. More than 869,00 individuals have saw the video that demonstrates the puzzle’s record breaking qualities, and over at Thingiverse the puzzle has obtained 2,742 views and 694 downloads.

I am certain that this is not the last 3D turn it intoer who can take on to break the Guinness World’s Record in this competitive category, and corenpuzzle has only raised the stakes a little higher with his 22 x 22 Rubik’s Cube turn it into: a true sight to behold.