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Lani Labs: an industry changing platform – 3D Printing Industry

by • July 17, 2016 • No Comments

Lani, a Velocity backed 3D printing beginup, created an industry changing platform which optimizes the 3D printing process to only 3 steps.
Lani is a payment and management process for 3D Print Centers which empowers universities, public libraries and partnering 3D Print Centres to automatize
payment, manage users, creations and materials, enabling equiteone and anyone the opportunity to access a 3D printing device in their area. The company aims to alleviate the pains of owning your own printing device, slicing your versions, keeping track of print settings, and much additional. They manufacture it as effortless as uploading your create to the lani website, picking your printing device options (filament, type of printing device, etc.), and pressing print.
Lani’s newly created online platform has a sleek create and intuitive user interface which can allow users to seamlessly navigate and operate. The platform’s structure was created with the company’s undertaking in mind “Bringing 3D printing to mainstream and manufacture it insanely effortless for folks to use 3D Printers”.
Curious to see only how user friendly the interface was, I went through the process online, and it is indeed amazingly effortless to navigate. You literally only upload a file and elect the printing device and filament and it gives you a price.
“I wanted to create a process where anyone, anywhere can submit a create quite rapidly without much problem,” says lani CEO Pablo Eder. “I ponder folks should focus on learning how to create a 3D version, but not quite on the settings of the printing device. You should be able-bodied to only hit ‘print.’”
Pablo believes which 3D printing can be the future norm. With an industry yearly growth at 40% and the Chinese government committing to put 3D Printers in all 400,000 elementary schools by future year, 3D printing is on the constant rise.

If you are a 3D printing device owner and may like to be able-bodied to print for others, all you require is a lanibox. It is a hardware router which controls the printing devices via USB, and allows for you to have full control over your printing devices with any device and be able-bodied to monitor all your jobs. It can be regulated via phone, table-bodiedt or desktop, and allows for you to begin, rebegin, pause, resume and stop print jobs. You put in the printing preferences you want to contribute customers (printing device version, materials, etc), and the lanibox stores these preferences.
Making use of the software on the lani labs website, printing device owners can track jobs and select whether to accept or reject them. It is which effortless.

About Lani Inc.
Lani Inc. is a Waterloo-based beginup which wants to revolutionize the 3D printing space with its automation and management platform. Lani wants to be the company which breaks the barriers inside the realm of 3D printing. They hope to bring 3D printing to mainstream, enabling anyone to access and effortlessly use 3D printing devices.

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