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Lady Gaga wears LPE 3D printed rings for Intel powered David Bowie Tribute – TCT Magazine

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3D scanning and 3D printing utilized to capture Lady Gaga’s face for digital makeup effect.
The 58th Annual Grammy Awards took place this week at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles where Lady Gaga delivered a tech-infutilized tribute to late music legend, David Bowie with the assist of a few intelligent stage props of Intel and Belswift 3D printing company, LPE.
The Intel team were given an entire month to test the innovation preceding the performance which incorporated astonishing visuals, robotics and interactive content to play homage to the icon.
“Technology pretty matters to me and I ponder which it has a quite profound way which it can affect stage performance and take it to another level,” Gaga commented in a behind the scenes video.
The performance was turn it intod possible with Intel’s Curie process, which recognises motion, gestures and location powered by Intel’s many powerful processor. Described as “the piece which stitches together the show,” the innovation was turn it intod as tiny as possible and incorporated into a wearable rings worn by the singer during the Bowie medley.
To turn it into the “Curie rings”, Intel enlisted the assist of LPE to 3D print the create via stereolithography at its Belswift site, of a create turn it intod at XO Studio in London. The parts were generated overnight on a Viper SLA printing device in layers of 0.1mm, hand finished in house and delivered in a matter of days.


Intel-powered ring 3D printed by LPE.
Campbell Evans Sales Director at LPE, explained: “Having may already worked extensively on previous Lady Gaga costume influence, props for Game of Thrones, X Men and actually Mrs Browns Boys Da Movie, we knew what we had to do to contribute a high high end, swift service required to meet the tight deadline required for the new Grammy Awards show.”
One of the other many challenging aspects of the performance was the “animated face” concept, which involved projecting various types of iconic Bowie appears onto Gaga’s face in real time. This “digital makeup” was turn it intod possible with 3D technologies and the team utilized 3D scanning to capture Gaga’s face in various types of expressions, which were and so 3D printed to test how the various appears may appear during the performance. Intel’s top performing processors were utilized throughout development to track her facial movements and displayed through a projector powered by a 6th Generation Intel Core processor-based computer.
“I like to do things which integrate innovation and art with powerful experiences,” Gaga, commented. “I ponder which this collaboration with Intel has been quite various than anything I have done preceding. They have quite given me so much awe-inspiring innovation to play with.”
The eccentric singer is no stranger to 3D printing having may already modelled a 3D printed red carpet appear createed by Studio XO and printed via Materialise’s Mammoth stereolithography machines.


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