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Kwambio’s New iOS App is Unique, Easy to Use — and Free!

by • April 14, 2016 • No Comments

kwambioAs 3D printing platforms go, Kwambio is one of the additional informative ones. Officially launched last summer, the platform immediately set itself apart of the sea of other platforms in several ways. Files are guaranteed to print, fully customizable, and stream directly to customers’ 3D printing equipment, eliminating the risk of intellectual property theft. In January, the site re-launched with a new create and several new showcased pro createers. Now Kwambio is updating their services again with a new free iOS app.

The Kwambio app does additional than only manufacture the website mobile. Its coolest showcase is undoubtedly its 3D visualization tool – the initially of its kind for a mobile app, according to Kwambio. The tool allows for customers to get a photorealistic look at products of all angles and in a variety of materials and finishes as they contemplate alterations and/or purchase. Browsing and ordering are swift and effortless, and shipping is free, as is the app itself. The Kwambio app requires iOS 8 or up, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Kwambio app 2

The new app is not the only development coming of Kwambio as they go on to expand. This month, the company can be opening their own factory facility to encertain that all 3D printed products are of the top high end, and in addition to facilitate much faster delivery times. It can in addition provide Kwambio with a much additional cost-effective way to 3D print ceramic items on demand.

Kwambio appOne other thing that sets Kwambio apart of other 3D printing platforms is that they don’t do plastic. Whilst many platforms are continuing to increase the variety of materials they contribute, plastics are yet a staple of many, if not all, 3D printing sites. Not Kwambio, yet – all items are metal or ceramic only, that enhances their “fine art only” philosophy. That does not mean their selection of materials is limited, yet – far of it. Ceramic materials include – only to name a few – porcelain, terra cotta, and stoneware, with several various glazes to select of, while their metal options range of gold and silver to stainless steel and brass.

If you haven’t checked out Kwambio’s website lately, do so. They have a few somewhat astounding createers working for them, and their selection of 3D printed jewelry and home goods products is constantly changing – yet a few talked about creates look to be there to remain, at very least for really a while. According to Kwambio, the many well-known pieces in their collection are Jim Drain’s wearable sculptures, that are inspired by a sizeable comundertakinged sculpture he created outside of the US Embassy in Rabat, Morocco.

If you head over to the site, in addition be certain to check out Kwambio’s current limited version showcase: the Swell Vase by Chen Chen and Kai Williams. When they say limited, they mean it – there are only 15 of the vases on the market in bronze plated white metal, and 15 in black matte porcelain. If you are the type of man who loves having things that few or no other individuals have, Kwambio is the site for you; as the company states, their undertaking is to “fill the world with unique, unique objects — not mass-produced monotony.”

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Swell Vases by Chen Chen and Kai Williams