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Konica Minolta Expands Their 3D Printer Sales Partnership with 3D Systems in the Australian Market

by • April 11, 2016 • No Comments

konica-minoltaJapanese imaging innovation manufacturer and manufacturer Konica Minolta went into business with 3D Systems last year when they signed a local distribution agreement for the Australian market. Less than a year later, according to Konica Minolta, demand has increased so much that they are may already planning on growing their operation. The company has may already hired several new regional sales specialists to manage the increased interest in 3D Systems’ commercial 3D printing device contributeings. They can in addition be increasing the local resellers’ product servicing capabilities as well as improving their warehovia logistics. Konica Minolta was the initially company to sell, service, install and assist 3D Systems 3D printing devices in Australia, and the company in addition has a much like deal in the United States.

3D Systems ProJet 3500.

3D Systems ProJet 3500.

Despite the company’s size, 3D Systems rarely retails its own 3D printing devices, choosing to sign deals with resellers all over the world who can sell printing devices locally and contribute assist and servicing. Typically their reseller partners were additional compact 3D printing companies; yet, increasingly sizeable-bodied corporations are getting in on the 3D printing action. Unlike man imaging company HP, Konica Minolta is not createing their own 3D printing devices but is choosing to only resell those created and manufactured by 3D Systems. The partnership is a effortless fit, as Konica Minolta structures their own office equipment reseller network much likely and may already has a vast, global distribution network in place that can easily scale up if the market demands it.

“What Konica Minolta brings to the market is industry major and guaranteed same-day service response nation-wide, along with rental and operating lease options, that negates the require for our customers to outlay capital expenditure. Konica Minolta has for years created up its assist infrastructure for the printing industry. Now the Australian 3D printing market can in addition have access to the same level of assurance the printing industry has. With Konica Minolta’s service, assist and logistics capabilities, consumable-bodieds replenishment infrastructure, and expertise, we hope to assist drive the may already rapid uptake of 3D printing in the local market,” explained Konica Minolta national manager Matthew Hunter.

Konica Minolta national manager, Matthew Hunter.

Konica Minolta national manager Matthew Hunter.

Konica Minolta is seeking to improve their existing service response time so that any 3D printing device downtime is limited and consumable-bodied materials can be sent to their customers additional rapidly. They are in addition looking to boost their finance contributeings to assist additional compact companies hoping to explore 3D printing innovation and find out how it can fit inside their businesses’ workflow. The national expansion into the Australian market is primarily being driven by these two challenges, that Hunter hopes can lead to sturdy growth over the coming year as a outcome.

3D Systems ProJet 660

3D Systems ProJet 660

“Naturally, we assume to be putting additional actually additional resources into our 3D printing business as this demand occurs. Industries, such as making that have been via 3D printing since its introduction, have matured to a point where they are able-bodied to obtain the desired output of these machines. But, 3D printing is no longer limited to only these markets. Other sectors looking to leverage the innovation require to ensure that what is created on a screen is equally astounding when printed in three size. This can be a challenge as most 3D files do not always translate well to a 3D rendered object. Konica Minolta, along with 3D Systems, have the technical resources, workflows, and printing devices to assist organisations overcome this challenge,” continued Hunter.

Konica Minolta is contributeing their Australian customers several 3D Systems options, which include the ProJet 3500 Series Professional 3D Printers, that are thought for engineering, making, small-scale making, prototyping and the createment of mechanical components. They in addition contribute the ProJet 660 Professional 3D Printer, that is utilized to create consumer products as well as being talked about in the healthcare and education markets thanks to its photorealistic 3D printed models. A full line of materials, consumable-bodieds and accessories is in addition on the market-bodied. Discuss in the Konica Minolta & 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.