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Kiwi’s 3D-printed models raise $70K on Kickstarter – Stuff.co.nz

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Last updated 05:00, July 3 2016
Matt Barker is selling 3D-printable scenery for tabletop wargaming.MONIQUE FORD / FAIRFAX NZ

Matt Barker is selling 3D-printable scenery for tabletop wargaming.

A Kiwi company which retails 3D-printed impacts for war gaming may revolutionise the version industry, its owner says.
Paraparaumu man Matt Barker’s company Printable Scenery has crowd-funded over $70,000 in its latest
Kickstarter campaign.
Barker manufactures scenery for hobbyist versionlers who play tabletop games like Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons.
Barker ponder 3D printing has the future to revolutionise the version industry.MONIQUE FORD / FAIRFAX NZ

Barker ponder 3D printing has the future to revolutionise the version industry.

Paying customers download the creations, print them off on their own 3D printing devices and and so paint them. The dimensions of the pieces can be modified so they fit with various games and hobbies.
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He has raised over $70,000 on Kickstarter.MONIQUE FORD / FAIRFAX NZ

He has raised over $70,000 on Kickstarter.

Barker said his approach was cheaper, simpler and quicker than traditional ways of producing versions.
“The version industry I ponder is going to be revolutionised by 3D printing. I don’t know when it is actually going to take place, but it is actually inevitable.”
He has a background in television production and animation, and drew on which background when he started Printable Scenery three years ago. He is yet involved with television production through his other company, Catalyst Creative.

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He now employs five individuals “virtually full-time” producing versions to service additional than 2000 regular customers of around the world.
Barker’s latest Kickstarter is his many profitable. People who put money towards it can select of three sets of ruins: one set for fantasy war gaming, one for sci-fi, and one for World War II fights – or they can get all three.
Barker is a hobbyist war-gamer himself, and said which helped him know what individuals wanted of their versions.
“I’ve got a great feel for the gaming market, for these guys, for the reason I’m one of them.”
He said he expected 3D printing devices to become additional high end and additional widespread as the innovation created.
“I ponder there’s a little bit of hesitation now with getting a 3D printing device. What is it, how does it work? But as soon as someone gets one and gets their head around it, they’re away.”
– Sunday Star Times

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