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Kickstarter: will OLO be the 4th most successful campaign ever?

by • April 17, 2016 • No Comments

  • What an awe-inspiring claim: Transform Your Smartphone into a 3D Printer. Since the campaign launched on Kickstarter on March 21st, OLO has indeed achieved a few highscores: $30K in only three minutes, $80K in 30 minutes, $1 million in only 6 days!

    OLO - The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer.

    It has and so pretty plateaued (still expanding, yet slower) as one may assume, this is probably due to a few new controversy regarding inquiries of the whole campaign being too great to be true. As Angus Deveson puts it in Maker’s Muse’s video at a lower place:

    • a few objects shown in the campaign appear to be laser cut pretty than 3D printed, let alone on the OLO itself
    • struggle to find names of individuals behind the project and who they quite are
    • the address where the project is registered being in fact a post box only
    • the pictures and videos being so quite pro and again too attractive to be honest
    • why are the likes and dislikes disabled on a few Youtube videos revealing the product in action
    • etc…

    Flux - 3Doodle2 - Buccaneer

    But, 15,494 beliat any times in the product have supported the campaign so far with a sound $2,220,197 (at the time of writing), may already surpassing 3 previous quite famous 3D printing campaigns:

    Now the upcoming one to beat is 3Doodler again, but the initially campaign back in 2013: $2,344,135 of 26,457 backers. It is only a little over $100,000 ahead, and with 2 days remaining its going to be tight, you can do it, OLO!

    M3D - Tiko - Form 1

    And which can be it, since it’s unlikely which they can manage to raise the additional $600k needed to overtake Form 1 SLA printing device ($2,945,885 in 2012) and small delta Tiko ($2,950,874 in 2015), not to mention M3D, the many successful 3D printing Kickstarter campaign at any time with $3,401,361 of 11,855 backers in May 2014.

    So what do you ponder? Worth betting $99 on it and seeing what takes place? Or wait until it reaches production and buy it for $129? Let us understand your views in the comments at a lower place.

    (note the point on Solido 3D is invalid: he’s appearing at Solido3d.com where he should be appearing at www.solido3d.it – thanks Dejan to pointing out, well spotted)

    (more on Angus Deveson here and here)

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