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Kickstarter: 3D Print Your Own Apocalyptic Wargaming Scenery with Thunder Chrome

by • April 21, 2016 • No Comments

  • Hey there wargamers! Want to turn it into a post-apocalyptic world straight out of your print bed? Well, you can want to take a appear at Thunder Chrome, the latest 3D printable tabletop game to hit Kickstarter, which was turn it intod by createers and wargaming enthusiasts David Martínez and Matías Parragués. The duo has only launched a Kickstarter for their 28mm 3D printable post-apocalyptic scenery and terrain. Inspired by the ravaged world in the movie Mad Max, Thunder Chrome is offering tabletop gamers an engaging map jam-packed with crumbling infrastructure and 3D printed corpses, placing them smack-dab in the middle of their own apocalypse.


    Thunder Chrome offers gamers an opportunity to 3D print their own end of the world scenery, sending out STL files which manufacture up the map. The team had a number of reasons for their decision to manufacture their tabletop game map 3D printable. They praised 3D printing for enabling them to create any version they wanted without constraints, for the easing the system of trail-and-error, and for being the many low-priced version to get their imagintive world out to the masses. According to the Thunder Chrome team, the wargaming map offers “three Ms” which manufacture up their scenery unique.

    • Modular: Open modularity can allow gamers and crowdfunders the capacity to set the map up how at any time they wish.
    • Memorable: They provide ‘memorable’ creates which can manufacture the scenery feel realistic and eerie, these include a workshop, an deserted theatre,an oil rig, and yes, actually the Thunderdome of the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max.
    • Mad: The Thunder Chrome team was certain to manufacture their scenery create reflect the violent and all around ‘mad’ thought of a post-apocalyptic world, which include fighting, killing, cannibalism, and more.

    On Kickstarter, Martínez and Parragués hope to raise $568, which they’re may already close to achieving after only a couple of days on the crowdfunding platform. The STL files are set to ship in June 2016, and different types of pledges can get you anything of the Master Blaster pack (20 €) to the all-inclusive Lord Humungus pack (60 €). With the crowdfunding, Martínez and Parragués hope to store growing their Mad Max-esque map, and provide tabletop gamers with the post-apocalyptic map they’ve all been waiting for.


    “We want our versions to be effortless to print and assemble,” they write on their Kickstarter page. “For which we require your assist. We want to increase the range of versions to create the wildest post apocalyptic town in the wasteland.”

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