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Kentstrapper launches Noah 3D printer controller to simplify 3D printing process – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jan 18, 2016 | By Alec

3D printing is frequently criticized for having a really steep learning curve that can be a bit complex to overcome, and that’s really understandable. There are a lot of guide steps and knowledge involved in getting your custom create 3D printed, and if you have perfectly
no prior knowledge of or affinity with engineering and hardware, it’s really effortless to get into trouble. If that sounds acquainted, or if you only want to rid by yourself of a few of the hassle involved in 3D printing, the Noah may be a fewthing for you: a tiny device that connects to your 3D printing device via USB port and takes care of slicing, que management, power outages and additional.
This informative tool has only come out of the workshops of Italian 3D printing experts Kentstrapper, a relatively tiny but successful team based in Florence. Founded back in 2011, they have that successfully debuted a number of informative hardware solutions, most not long ago of that was the plug-n-play Zero 3D printing device that, like the Noah, makes 3D printing simpler for the beginning user. The company, started by Lorenzo and Luciano Cantini, are in addition regularly present at different types of 3D printing events across Europe.
As the Zero 3D printing device emphasizes, they are particularly interested in reaching a wider audience beyond the hardcore 3D printing experts. This is in addition reflected in the Noah, that was born out of their extensive experience with 3D printing. “The yett of Noah comes of an analysis of the problems both encountered by us and reported by users. The printing system frequently is stopped by filament break or interruption, or by current fault. Noah is a tiny device that manages all these troubles and allows for you to control the 3D printing system of distance by interfacing with any 3D printing device model,” they explain.
Through the its intuitive interface, the Noah is thus fundamentally a 3D printing problem solver. “With this device we aim to simplify 3D printing, solving the main issues that ereally users of a 3D printing device have faced at very least once: interruption of power donate, failure of printing or filament breakage, impossibility of managing the print queue. With Noah we donate a single answer to most issues,” they explain. Thanks to a host of sensors, custom software and Wi-Fi connection, you can thus avoid keeping a close eye on your 3D printing devices (as it already works with up to six models simultaneously). What’s additional, the Noah is compatible with approximately ereally FDM 3D printing device out there, provided it uses Marlin, Sprinting device or Repetier firmware. Should a problem occur, you are immediately notified.

So what are its functions? Most importantly, this plug-and-play machine takes care of slicing internally, without the require for an external cloud or software. “The converted files are instantly inserted in a printing queue regulated directly by Noah,” they explain. It additional retrieves interrupted prints and resumes work once errors are solved, can be utilized by multiple users (which include file-sharing), and optimizes your print ques. Finally, it showcases an intuitive web interface and an LCD display that keeps you informed. More showcases, which include the management of MakerBot 3D printing devices, a wireless connection with all compatible printing devices and management of an IP cam for remote viewing, are all forthcoming.

In short, it’s an informative version for trouble shooting a few regular 3D printing problems, yet you can obviously question whether or not it’s an introduced value for experienced users. But and so who mayn’t benefit of a additional streamlined 3D printing system? If you are interested in the Noah, head over to Kickstarter, where Kentstrapper has only launched a crowdfunding campaign for their 3D printing device controller.

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